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2020 Prophecy: The Prevailing Winds Are Shifting

Daily Prophecy

2020 Prophecy: The Prevailing Winds Are Shifting

I heard the Lord speak as I was sleeping this morning. He said “THE PREVAILING WINDS ARE SHIFTING…”.  

I believe that the current that has been blowing spiritually and politically for the last season is about to change and we are heading into a new day.  I believe that 2020 will be marked by a new day in atmospheric conditions on a societal level. 

I remember growing up in the North and West part of Newfoundland that the trees all bent in one direction because the prevailing wind coming off the ocean was so strong. Not only were they bent but they were short because the wind kept them from growing tall.

The shift that’s taking place will help the trees to grow up straighter and taller in the seasons ahead. As the political mood shifts more will embrace the new and see the hollowness of the old.

Not everything will be perfect with the change in atmospheric conditions but I do believe that we will see more liberty for Christians.

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