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God is Actively Working on Your Prayer List Right Now

Daily Prophecy

God is Actively Working on Your Prayer List Right Now

“For God is the One working in you, both to will and to do His good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13).

Have you been praying for breakthrough, with no apparent results? Do you feel like God isn’t moving in your life anymore? Are you wondering what happened to the powerful move of the Spirit you used to enjoy?

It’s vitally important for you to understand today that God’s movement in your life is not a one-time thing. God wants to do something powerful for you every day. He is all the while effectively at work, both to will and to do His good pleasure.

God is active in your life right now.

He doesn’t take time off. He doesn’t take Passover, Resurrection Sunday or Pentecost off; He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is moving right now; he is currently active and at work on your behalf. He is in all things, of all things and creating all things—and He never stops. That’s who He is; He’s a massive God with massive power, and He is currently involved in everything that concerns you.

The Lord says He wants you to know today that He has already gone ahead of you in your planned destination. He already is where you think you’re going. He has already made a way where you don’t think there is any way at all. Someone reading this has been waiting for the way to come into existence, but you need to know that God is already there. He does not rest, and He is actively at work in your prayer life.

God is actively at work on your prayer list right now.

He is actively and all the while working on the things that you don’t even know to pray yet. He is already working on things that you haven’t thought of yet. He sees your tomorrow, and He goes ahead and begins working and performing His miracles in the future of your life—long before you arrive in that future. God is all the while working miracles before you arrive at the place of the miracle.

And the Bible says that you have an enemy—but that enemy can’t stop your breakthrough.

When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed king of Israel, they planned and strategized to fight and capture him. In the same way, your enemy is listening to what’s happening in your life right now.

Any time that you have been positioned or anointed for greatness, the enemy listens for your anointing to be announced. He prepares, plans and strategizes. He says, “My assignment is to prevent that from happening.” Your enemy wants to bring turmoil, testing, stress and struggle. “It is my assignment,” the enemy says, “to keep you—the anointed one, the one called by God, appointed by God, anointed by God—from your greatness. I have an assignment to stop.”

That’s why you feel like you’re fighting everything right now.

That’s why you feel like you’re up against everything right now. That’s why you’re dreaming bad dreams right now. That’s why you’re having health struggles right now. That’s why it feels like you can’t make ends meet financially right now. It’s all because the devil has heard you’re anointed, and he has determined to get in the way of what God is doing in your life.

Your enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. He disguises himself in bad health, family issues and workplace problems. He disguises himself in accusation and bad attitudes. Nevertheless, Jesus said, “Don’t fear that. I have overcome the world. I am more powerful and more anointed. I have called you out.”

Since God anointed and crowned you, the enemy has no power to prevent what God is going to do in your life.

Sometimes we make our situations bigger than we make the God who lives in us. We magnify the problem. But God has anointed you to be great for Him. He’s a massive God who makes even the biggest problem look insignificant. If you will keep your eyes and ears trained on Him, you will hear your breakthrough coming and nothing will hinder it. 

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