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Chuck Pierce’s Passover Decree Over the Plague

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Chuck Pierce’s Passover Decree Over the Plague

I started prophesying last September that this year would be a “True Passover.” Even though we have celebrated many Passovers, the Spirit of God said that this would be the year that we would really have to understand Passover.

He said: Plague-like conditions would hit the earth, and February, March and April would be Hellish. But He was looking at nations to see which nations “PASSED OVER.” I then began to see that the real issue would be an “economic rearrangement” throughout the world.

I see that if we celebrate and honor His Blood, the death structure that is gripping these nations will shift at Passover. I see that the death toll in nations that celebrate and honor His Blood and acknowledge Him, will start decreasing after Passover.

But remember, once the Israelites passed over, they still had “40 days” to press through into their promise. They had great problems during that 40-day period and it postponed their promise for 40 years.

I decree that during this 40-day period—there will be no postponement. This is exactly what the Spirit of God said to me and what I have been saying since September.

Take heart—we will make it through!



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  2. Dougie

    เมษายน 10, 2020 at 10:45 am

    There is nothing on Chuck Pierce’s web site or his Facebook page from September or January to substantiate his claims of prophecies during those months about the pandemic. It’s easy to claim a prophecy after the fact. Please, don’t insult everyone’s intelligence with his unsubstantiated claims.

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