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5 Prophetic Signs Dunkirk Offers to UK Intercessors

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5 Prophetic Signs Dunkirk Offers to UK Intercessors

The Dunkirk evacuation of World War II offers a number of signposts to the present generation.

1. A rescue operation comprising many small ships

I see a salvation movement of many small fellowships of worshiping families under the genuine headship of the Holy Spirit, in close and constructive relationships with neighboring vessels, hosting the love, life and glory of God, acting on the Great Commission, exercising spiritual authority over their territory. 

Only smaller vessels could draw near to the beach and rescue the Allied soldiers; similarly, a host of local fellowships is needed to reach urban and rural harvest fields. Such a fleet can also endure significant losses and still fulfill its mandate. In contrast, an alliance of centralized mega-ships is more vulnerable to the loss of key leaders through moral or doctrinal failures, for example.

2. A partnership of generations

In May 1940, the Dunkirk rescue was a team effort of veterans and youth, older and younger generations co-laboring to crew civilian vessels. The present move is a similar mobilization of experience and anointing alongside a restoration of spiritual parenting (sound teaching, real relationships and covering prayer) which reproduces dynamic faith, overcoming hope and sacrificial love. 

I see spiritual mothers and fathers imparting both identity & wisdom to a movement which dwells & excels in great exploits. This partnership of generations can release a youth movement which is both impactful and sustainable.

3. Many wounded

There are many wounded sailors and soldiers in need of restoration, believers new and old. Some are wounded on the battlefield by enemy action, others indirectly by ‘friendly fire’, some have been crippled by denominational issues, while many have been shipwrecked by leadership failures and abuses.

Larger ministry ‘ships’ can be the fruit of ministry building fueled by the pride of life, lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh, and are thus vulnerable to sinking by loss of senior leaders torpedoed by these foundational weaknesses. A large, horizontal network is also naturally more resilient to aerial attack than a centralized command centre.

Spiritual fathers are building families of healing established on holiness & honour, underpinned and joined together by apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching graces submitted to the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ in all things Colossians 1:18. Preaching the Good News is the primary task for these fellowships Isaiah 61, with binding up the broken-hearted an essential priority for disciples new and old. Egyptians build pyramids, but the heart of fishermen is to make and mend fishing nets.

4. A military and civilian armada

The Dunkirk evacuation was a team effort of military and civilian personnel. I see this new flotilla working alongside the traditional ‘navy’ or existing ministry structures where possible. However, most of the rescue work is again being undertaken by civilians, that is ‘unpaid’ servants, rather than by ‘professional’ ministers. 

Many of the flotilla crews included veterans of World War I, similarly, emerging leaders will include the survivors of past moves of God with the patience, wisdom and endurance that combat experience can impart.

5. Who prays wins

All branches of the military were required for a successful outcome. Above all, air cover was essential to shield the rescue ships and protect the stranded soldiers awaiting salvation. Likewise, focused and persistent intercessory prayer is vital: who prays wins.

I see apostles building ships, prophets providing navigation, evangelists pulling the lost on board, pastors keeping vessels seaworthy and teachers equipping the crew for success through the grace and knowledge found in Christ Jesus. These families unite around praise and worship, prayer, the Word, mission, serving, the Lord’s Supper and fellowship.

Historically, the salvation of many facing certain death was achieved by a flotilla of civilian ships. The present time requires a host of worshiping families in order to take, occupy and expand their assigned territories.

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