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Did Kim Clement Prophesy About the Rise of Kanye West?

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Did Kim Clement Prophesy About the Rise of Kanye West?

Kim Clement prophesied about that a revolution would take place in California to bring people Jesus. Did he prophesy about Kanye’s new album Jesus Is King?

Watch this video and let us know what you think.

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  1. Novemba 19, 2019 katika 1:13 um

    In listening to this word and also to Kanye my deep conviction is that Kim Clement did prophesy then what is happening today with Kanye. I was a product of the Jesus movement and ever Since I had a stirring in my spirit that God is going to do Even More! That there was coming something so great in God that it would draw to Christ even Those who seemed unreachable.Yes I believe this word related to Kanye and the movement of God that He is bringing forth in this hour for the Time is Now!

  2. Machi 4, 2020 katika 3:57 um

    Kim Clement is prophesying the move of God’s Spirit which is manifesting right now. The Lord gave me the same word. It is much bigger then the salvation of Kanye West.

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