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2020: A Double Portion Year

Prophetic Words

2020: A Double Portion Year

For God’s prophetic people, it will be a double portion year (Is.61:7).  It will be a year of new beginnings.  New times and purposes of God will be launched. 

Not just another year but a kairos year.  A pivotal year when the battle between right and wrong will become more intense, and groups and nations swing more to wickedness or righteousness, light or darkness.  

They’ll become either more like the anti-Christ or the Body of Christ.  Churches will become like the Laodicean, lukewarm, passive church or the victorious, supernatural, present-truth, warrior church demonstrating the kingdom of God in every nation for a witness that there is only one true Almighty God, Jesus Christ Lord of Heaven and Earth  (Mt.24:14; Dan.4:1-35).

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