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Here Comes An Elisha Season


Here Comes An Elisha Season

The Church is moving into a modern-day Elisha Season where the warfare is shifting.

By Justin Akers

Often times God gives a prophetic word to us so we will contend for that word. We must fight to see that word come to pass. God also gives us words ahead of the next seasons to give us the understanding of where we are going so we can hold on to get there. In June of 2016 God gave me one of those words. It was not a word of what was happening right then, at least not from what I have seen in hindsight. Instead it was a word of where God was taking us, and what He would be doing in the near future. I ministered that word in 2016 expecting the immediate change. That did not happen then, but the Lord has resurfaced that word with a new clarity and direction to declare it! In worship, I heard “Elisha Season”. That’s all. Very loud. As I prayed, I felt the Lord impress that we were about to move out of an Elijah season and into an Elisha season. There are three major points to watch for and declare in this Elisha season.

  1. Jezebel was neutralized. The warfare shifted. As long as God’s people are advancing for the Kingdom of Heaven, they will fight resistance, however the time of undergoing or struggling in that individual “Jezebelic” warfare is coming to a close for many. There were many things that happened around the time of Elisha receiving the mantle that all contributed to the shift but as a result, the shift in momentum caused Jezebel to lose much of her power and authority. The momentum had shifted, and God released those chosen for the hour to dethrone Jezebel. Even her own people turned on her. The Lord is saying now: This is an hour we will see the hand of the Lord move swiftly against His enemies – the enemies resisting what He is doing. We will see their plans fail. We will see them fall into their own traps. We will see the ones they use, turn on them. There will be discord amongst those that were once united against God’s people. Just as the armies that went against Jehoshaphat turned on one another as Israel worshipped, this is the hour for the Church to rise up in worship and watch – see the hand of God move swiftly in this hour against His enemies!!!
  2. The prophets came out of hiding. During Elijah’s time, the prophets lived in caves and in hiding in fear of what Jezebel and her people would do to them. The only prophets freely on the scene were Jezebel’s prophets. However, by the time Elisha received his mantle, there was a transition taking place. Now the prophets were coming out of hiding and were able to operate in their gifts freely and others were no longer afraid to be a part of that group. We are about to see an open heaven of the prophetic released. We will see a marked increase in the prophetic gifts on “all flesh” as stated in Joel 2. In this past season, that Jezebel spirit has resisted and fought against the true prophetic voice, tried to manipulate and control the prophetic voice, and raised up false prophets – fake voices. This is the hour we will begin seeing fake voices – “prophets for profit” exposed and removed. This has been spoken by many in this hour. However, we will see at the same time God raising a new crop of prophetic voices. Some will be ministers, and some will not. God is activating the prophetic gifts and releasing a new breed of prophetic believers – school teachers, accountants, people in business, people in the workplace, grounded, founded mature believers that are hearing from heaven! It is time for those that have been sitting on the sidelines listening to others’ dreams, visions and prophetic words, to have dreams, visions, and prophetic words of their own!
  3. Miracles of abundance replaced provisional miracles. Under Elijah’s ministry, many miracles were seen, but the vast majority were miracles of survival or provisional miracles. Take the widow woman in 1 Kings 17:7-16 for example. Here is this widow woman about to cook one last meal for her and her son. The prophet Elijah comes and asks her to cook him a meal with the promise from the Lord everything would be ok. As a result, the meal and oil she had did not run out for as long as the drought persisted. Now under Elisha’s ministry, we see a completely different scenario. Again, we have a widow woman in need of a miracle in 2 Kings 4:1-7. The prophet Elisha asked the widow woman what she had in her home. She said, “Your servant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil.” It just so happened that her deceased husband was of the school of prophets and this oil would have been used for anointing. So, in essence what the widow was saying is “I have nothing of any real value in my home except a little bit of anointing and it’s running low!” In this past season, so many people have been through so much that they can relate so well with that! “I still have a little anointing but it’s running low”. As a result, the prophet gave instructions, the widow obeyed, a miracle came. In the Elijah season the widow got just enough to make it through the drought but during the Elisha season It is different – in the Elisha season, abundance comes!!! The widow had enough to pay her debts and live off the remaining!! It’s time for the Church to walk in abundance again!

The Church is moving into a modern-day Elisha Season where the warfare is shifting. Jezebel will still fight but her effectiveness against the true prophetic voice will be overcome, leaving the prophets able to advance in Kingdom purpose. As this shift manifests, we will see a new crop of prophetic voices rise, many of which will be unconventional and unexpected. Then we will see floodgates of abundance break forth!

Justin Akers is a senior pastor who believes in the simplicity of loving God and loving people. He pastors The Upper Room Church Ministries in Bastrop, Louisiana. His focus is on the training and equipping of believers through the power of the Holy Spirit to impact the world around them as we, the global Church, pursue the greatest move of God man has seen.

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