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Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce Sound Off on What’s After COVID-19

Prophetic Words

Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce Sound Off on What’s After COVID-19

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, I interviewed my good friend Chuck Pierce regarding the prophetic word he gave January 26, 2020, saying that there was coming a “massive plague-like invasion that would test us through Passover.”. We now know it is Covid-19. 

In the interview, Chuck expounds on this prophetic word and what else he sees for the future. His thoughts regarding China are quite informative and even shocking. Chuck said that by August, we will have come through this process and have a new voice in America, with new strength and purpose. 

The process will return America to its pure vision, being a beacon for God’s voice around the world. The changes will also bring about new identities to nations. All must respond appropriately. How we respond to this virus as nations and individuals will reflect how HE responds to us. After the interview, I expounded on what Chuck stated and shared my thoughts.

Please listen to this podcast with an open heart; don’t allow fear to enter your soul. We have been forced to set ourselves apart from our regular daily lives. During this time, I hope you have purposely set yourself apart UNTO Him. Fear is raging but Jesus offers us peace in the midst of the storm. Tap into that never-ending peace that only He can give us.

It is important that we pray for our nation, our nation’s leaders and especially, our president during this time. Please continue praying for President Trump, that he will hear the leading of Holy Spirit, and that God will turn him into a passionate believer. He needs strength and wisdom from Heaven. Without a doubt, I believe He is God’s man for this hour.

And get ready for more upcoming podcasts. While I have been recuperating from the back surgery, my staff has been setting up an office/podcast studio in the basement of our home. This is actually the first podcast I’m releasing, with more to come very soon. If you go to Spotify, iTunes, or other podcast platforms, you will be able to subscribe to Conversations with Dutch and be notified when another one is available.

We hope you are healthy and are weathering this storm physically and financially. Ceci and I are well—I continue to improve—but are taking the precautions asked of all of us. Of course, I am not traveling and speaking until the all-clear is given. May God’s supernatural protection be on you.

Let’s ride out this storm while keeping our ears open to Holy Spirit. He will guide us as we continue to lean into Him.

List to the podcast here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anna D

    mai 4, 2020 at 7:13

    If Donald Trump cared for the people of the United States and wanted help and protect us from this virus, why did all the face masks go to China when he has ripped them apart on tariffs? All of us needed masks to slow down the spread of Covid 19. Instead, we surpassed China in diagnostics and deaths. Much of the country had no access to masks. You talk about prophecy, I had a word in December 2019 to buy up some boxes of masks. I failed to do so. Wow, I wish I had done so,

    Normal people are having a tough time getting elastic to make their own masks. If we get elastic, it takes days to weeks to get it due to demand over supply. Material is very hard to come by to make masks as well. I had to use a towel and cut it down with elastic that didn’t even comply to cloth mask standards just for protection, That is what us ordinary peons have to deal with. All of you high and mighty ones up to the President have no clue what it is like to be ordinary. You guys are the Super Apostles that Paul talks about, untouchable and many in great awe of you.

    Will see how it all turns out in the time of judgment.


    Anna D

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