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Chuck Pierce Offers 5 Prophetic Insights into Kanye West’s Salvation and Album Success

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Chuck Pierce Offers 5 Prophetic Insights into Kanye West’s Salvation and Album Success

I’ve recently listened to a few songs off of Kanye West’s new album, “Jesus is King”. First, let me say I rejoice when anyone gives their life to Christ.

Let me encourage you with a few points to ponder:

1. God’s grace is for everyone. When Jesus was addressing the woman caught in adultery, He said go and sin no more. But remember, he also looked at everyone who was accusing her and upset about her past and basically said “if any of you haven’t sinned, you can throw the first stone.” Not to anyone’s surprise, no one was able to cast a stone. The same is true here.

2. Kanye’s confession of Christ is God’s grace demonstrated. Not that he needs to prove anything to any of us, but if he did, that is proof enough that God is working in him.

3. Will Kanye have to work out his salvation with fear and trembling? Just like the rest of us, yes he will! Salvation is a process, it’s not a quick fix.

4. I believe we should extend grace, pray for his family, and everyone that he influences. We just sang a song Sunday by Lauren Daigle called “Rescue Me”. I feel like the Lord has done this for Kanye.

To close, an album proclaiming “Jesus is King” has permeated the global music charts and is in the top 10 almost everywhere. I am rejoicing that our Lord is on the forefront of the airwaves.



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