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A Prophetic Vision of Spiders Coming out of Russia

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A Prophetic Vision of Spiders Coming out of Russia

I had a vision of spiders crawling out of Russia and into Europe. This was a startling vision. The spiders I saw were gigantic and fast moving.

As Europe moves closer and closer to the edge of a World War, some intercessors are growing weary while others are growing bolder. Some are just waking up.

It’s only the hand of God that’s holding back Russia’s massive army from completely annihilating Ukraine. Although we’re seeing terror unfold before our eyes, God never promised there wouldn’t be lives lost if we prayed. God charged us to pray without ceasing. And many are.

While Ukraine cries out for more firepower to combat the Russians, I am urging you to release more firepower in the spirit. Don’t give up now. This unprovoked war is far from over.

I want to share with you a prophetic vision I had last week of spiders in Russia crawling across Europe. We need to pray against these spiders.

I share about this vision on my podcast, Praying the News.

What I found later amazed me all the more. I stumbled across a video from Kim Clement in which he shared a dream he had about Putin. My jaw dropped.

I started digging into Scripture about spiders. These Scriptures paint a clear picture of what is happening in Putin’s mind. Listen in and get the show notes.

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