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A Prophetic Word for Those Who Feel Completely Crushed

Jennifer LeClaire Exclusives

A Prophetic Word for Those Who Feel Completely Crushed

Sometimes, it feels like life is crushing you. And sometimes that’s because the enemy has targeted you for a crushing. 

When you feel like your walking through demonic crushing, take heart. God won’t let more come upon  you than you can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). He really won’t. Your part is to believe He is good and will fight the enemies you can’t see as you stand in faith.

I heard the Lord say, “I will crush every enemy plan. I will crush every enemy attack. I will crush every insidious enemy onslaught against you when you keep your eyes on Me, because I am the one who gives you the power to stand. I am the one who gives you the power to continue to walk through the fire. I am the one who gives you the power. 

“So, stop looking at all the power of the enemy and how it has crushed you–how it has crushed your financial status; how it has crushed your future–because I have given you a hope and a future and your future is not crushed. Your future is not crushed. 

“You feel a certain way in your soul because of the witchcraft coming against you, because of the word curses coming against you, because of the spiritual atmosphere in your home or your workplace or just between your own ears. But I am able to reverse the curse. I am able to pick up the pieces, even if it’s crushed into bits.”

Let’s pray:

Father, in the name of Jesus, would You help me keep the right perspective in the crushing. I know the enemy comes to sift me like wheat. I know the trial will turn into a triumph. I know the anointing comes through the crushing. 

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