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Keys to Growing in Spiritual Discernment

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Keys to Growing in Spiritual Discernment

God expects us to discern His voice, His Spirit, and His leadership in our lives. He expects us to discern the signs of the times, the right person to marry, the right job to take. He’s trying to give us the discernment we need, but often we lack an understand of what discernment is, how to grow in spiritual discernment, and how to test the spirits to see if they are from God.

Let me ask you something, and please answer honestly. The last time you missed it, how did you miss it? It’s important that you take the time to debrief with God and understand what went wrong. Did you rely on someone else’s spiritual discernment? Was there peer pressure involved? Did someone manipulate you? If you don’t know how you missed it, you’ll probably keep missing it.

Here’s what I know: You can’t afford to miss it again. The last time was too costly.

If you miss the will of God in relationships, you could be heartbroken. If your discernment is off in handling finances, you could end up broke. If you choose the wrong job or wrong church, you will walk in less than God’s highest blessings for you.

Like I said, you can’t afford to miss it again. The good news is, you don’t have to. You can grow in spiritual discernment.

This comprehensive course in developing spiritual discernment covers every area of your life, helps you understand how you missed it in the past, and equips you to get it right in the future.

Through this in-depth course, you’ll grow in spiritual discernment so the enemy (and people) can’t take advantage of you anymore. You’ll know what season of your life you’re in so you can respond correctly, and you’ll be able to help others walk in victory, too.

The lessons are at least 45-minutes each with the following class titles:

What is Discernment?

Why Discernment is Vital in This Hour

Characteristics of a Discerning Person

Why We Miss it So Often | Part 1

Why We Miss it So Often | Part 2

Why We Miss it So Often | Part 3

Why We Miss it So Often | Part 4

Sharpening Your Discernment, Part 1

Sharpening Your Discernment, Part 2

Growing in Discernment

Discerning Through Your Six Spiritual Senses

Discerning Your Calling

Discerning True & False Prophets

Discerning the Meaning of Dreams & Visions

Discerning the Presence of God

Discerning Angels in Your Midst

Discerning Times & Seasons

Discerning Spiritual Warfare Against Your Life

Discerning the Specific Spirits Attacking You

Discernment in Prayer & Intercession | Part 1

Discernment in Prayer & Intercession | Part 2

Discernment in Deliverance Ministry

Discerning What Church to Attend (or Leave)

Discerning Who to Marry

Discerning Your Children’s Spiritual Gifts

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