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Prophecy: I Want to Demonstrate My Power Through You

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Prophecy: I Want to Demonstrate My Power Through You

Do you see each day with God as a fresh new adventure or are you carrying weights that would hinder you from coming into the real thrill of life? 

My friend, the Lord is inviting you to lay aside the nagging cares of today and choose to go on a love adventure with Him into the next stage of His plan for your life. Are you ready? You should be excited about the adventure that is about to begin. 

The Lord would say to you, “I want to take you on an adventure. I want to take you to places that will excite your soul and thrill your spirit. I want to take you on an adventure with Me and show you things through My lens, through My perspective, that you would see people, places and things in a way that causes you to take on My emotions for them. I want you to see things like I see them. I want you to love what I love. I want you to hate what I hate. I want to take you on a thrill ride in My Spirit.

“I want to demonstrate My power through you, but first I’ve got to demonstrate it in you. So, yield to Me those things that hinder love. Choose to give them to Me. Choose to lift up your hands in surrender. Choose to walk with Me through the narrow places where you feel the pressure of My Spirit compelling you to let go and trust Me at another level. Choose Me, for I have called you and loved you before you loved Me. Now, I am asking you to love Me the way that I love you. Love Me with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. If you choose to go on this love adventure, it will be the thrill of your life. 

“I will show you things to come and you will step into them at the right time. You will see and know that I was with you all along leading and guiding you, and ordering your steps when things did not make sense. You will look back to those days when there was confusion and overwhelm and you will say ‘God was with me. I see it now.’ Your faith will rise and your confidence in Me will build up to another level and the adventures and exploits will grow greater and greater as you follow Me.

“So, consecrate yourself, for in the days ahead I will do mighty exploits through you if you surrender to Me and do this My way. For My way is the only way. You can do it your way, but it won’t work. You can follow the ways of the world, but you won’t be satisfied with the results. Do it My way. My way is the best way. My way is the highest way and it is for your best and your highest good and your highest calling.

“Do it My way and you will reach your destiny one day at a time. Don’t get ahead of Me. Don’t expect to receive things from My Spirit that are ordained for another time but be content with what I’ve given you at the moment and exercise it to its fullest. Steward what I’ve put in your hand. Steward it and you will see miracles in your own life that will be a testimony and a witness to My goodness and My glory.”

Check out these Scripture references: 1 Corinthians 2:4; Psalm 34:8; Philippians 2:13

Let’s pray: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank You for taking me on a Holy Spirit adventure into realms of power and glory that my eye has not seen nor my ear heard. Help me to position myself in Christ through consecration for the plans and purposes You have for me.

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