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Prophecy: God’s Unstoppable Momentum is With You

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Prophecy: God’s Unstoppable Momentum is With You

God’s unstoppable momentum is on your side. Do you believe this? Or are you listening to the enemy’s threats over your life, instead of meditating on words God has given you in the past season? 

The Lord says: “I, Myself, am your momentum. So, don’t look round and about you, or to the outside for some self-help book—look to Me, because I, Myself, am your momentum. 

“I am the one who puts My wind at your back. I am the One who strengthens you against all the opposition for I have told you in My Word that I will never leave you or forsake you and that I, Myself, am your strengthener.

“I am reminding you today that I am your momentum in the battle, and I am your momentum in the good times. I am like the snowball effect in your life—if you’ll just cooperate with Me and not resist Me, you will see in a moment that those things which have opposed you, year after year after year, will have to bow to you in My name. Just resist the devil and not resist Me, submit to Me and do not submit to the devil, because the momentum in your life will be so strong and be so great, that it will almost be unstoppable. 

“Only you can stop it by looking to the right or to the left instead of to Me. For I know that you’ve come around the same mountains over and over again and you’re looking for a fresh start. You’re looking for a new way and I am here to tell you I am the fresh start. I am the new way and momentum, and I am the push start. I am all those things you need Me to be. If you will just turn to Me and receive from Me, you will see that what I am saying is the truth.” 

Who are you going to fellowship with? Are you going to dine with the Lord or get into the demonic flow of your imaginations? The Father is inviting you into his rhythm for intimate fellowship. Will you dine with him? Will you move to his tempo, for He wants to be your dance partner and sweep you off of your feet.

The Lord says, “So, stop getting into the demonic rhythms of your imaginations and begin to sing My song again because you can hear Me if you try, singing songs of deliverance over you. Just begin to get in agreement and sing My tune, because I am the One who is singing over you. I’m smiling over you and watching over you. The enemy is singing a different tune—one that is harmful and fearful. His tune is full of death and destruction because he seeks to steal, kill and destroy your life.

“But know this, I can interrupt this recording. I can cause a scratch to come upon the enemy’s record. I can cut the tape, but I need your help. I need you to tune your ear into Me. I need you to put your eyes on My word so that I can do My part and you can do your part and together we can dance again,” says the Lord. 

Consider these scriptures: Romans 8:38-39; Numbers 6:25-27; Psalm 32:7

Let’s pray: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank You for Your unstoppable momentum in my life. Help me to change the soundtrack playing in my head and begin instead to think on things that are worthy and joyful. Teach me how to interrupt the enemy’s plans and purposes with my praise.

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