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A Prophetic Word for the Weary Warrior

Daily Prophecy

A Prophetic Word for the Weary Warrior

Many people are beyond weary in this season. Weary of plagues and politics, weary of warfare and worry—weary, weary, weary.

Thanks be to God, He never sleeps, slumbers, grows weary or worries—and He doesn’t want us to walk in anything but perfect peace. His wisdom is always available to us and He is a very present help in time of need.

On my Mornings with the Holy Spirit prophetic prayer broadcast “When Your Tongue is on Fire,” the Holy Spirit erupted through me with a spontaneous prophecy. I heard the Lord say:

“You may be tired, but I am not weary. You may be weary, but I am not worried. You may be worried, but I have the answers. I am the way through. I will show you, but you must get your mind off of yourself and get your mind on the All-Sufficient One. For you have never been self-sufficient. You never really been able to do anything in your own strength. I have been the one to grace your life all along.

“Even before you knew me, I was ordering your steps. And now that you have given your life to Me don’t you think I am there to help you? Don’t you think I am ready to strengthen you? Don’t you think I have a mind to share with you? My wisdom, My counsel, My advice, My strategy for the battle? Don’t you think I can turn it all around? Don’t you think I see what you are going through? Do you think I have forgotten about you?

“No. But you are the apple of my eye. My eye remains steadily fixed upon you. So, let your eye remain steadily fixed on Me. For when you keep your eyes on Me I will keep you in perfect peace. But I will do even more than that. Not only will I keep you in perfect peace, but I will cause you to walk in joy. I will cause you to walk in a wisdom that passes your own understanding.

“And as you keep your eyes fixed on me you will find that there are heavenly downloads, spiritual revelations, a-ha moments—answers to problems that you could not solve. So, stop looking at the problem, stop looking at the issue, stop looking at the trial, and stop looking at the warfare and begin to look at Me and I will give you a fresh perspective.

“When you have that fresh perspective, you will look at the warfare in a different way. When you have that fresh perspective, you will look at the trial in a different way and you will see it through the eyes of victory and through the eyes of My love for you.

“You will begin to rejoice even in the midst of the suffering. So, look to Me now because I am looking at you. Eye to eye. We are walking together hand and hand. We are going forth to the finish line. The end that I see for you is so much better than you can imagine. So, look at Me and wait on Me and look again at your life with fresh eyes. Eyes that are no longer weary, eyes that are energized by faith.”

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