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Prophecy: Scandinavia’s Warrior Spirit Carries Key to European Awakening

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Prophecy: Scandinavia’s Warrior Spirit Carries Key to European Awakening

Part of Northern Europe, Scandinavia is home to Norway, Denmark and Sweden—although some include Finland and Iceland. Scandinavia is marked by a warrior spirit.

Darkness has invaded Europe and now a spirit of slumber is influencing many believers in this diverse collection of nations. But God is highlighting a Scandinavian block that has fight in its bones.

I believe Scandinavia is a forerunner to Awakening in Europe. While many are growing apathetic, complacent, and lukewarm, there is a fire burning among the remnant in Scandinavia and a warrior spirit that refuses to back away from a fight.

I heard the Lord say:

“So rise up now and fight for your legacy—fight from your legacy as warriors who conquer uncharted waters. Fight from a place of power in My Spirit and pride in your heritage as those who will contend to the end.

“For I have put a warrior spirit in you from the beginning and when you submit your spirit to My Spirit, we will advance together in Scandinavia and beyond. Fruit will be credited to your account and your awakening will be Europe’s awakening.

“The awakened ones will come to you looking to be taught how to fight and war for lasting breakthrough. And you will help lead an army of battle-ready prayer warriors through the nations of Europe that have been left for dead.”

The Scandinavian peninsula is the largest in Europe, geographically, and has a revival history. Norway, for example, saw a strong impact of the Welsh Revival of the early 1900s. Thomas Bell Barratt wrote a letter to Welsh Revival figure Evan Roberts in 1905 that read:

“You will be surprised to receive these lines from one so far away from the scenes of revival in Wales, but it will interest you to know that we are following you and the great work God is doing in Wales. Oh, it is glorious! I wept for very joy when reading accounts of it by Mr. Ferrier Hulme and others.

“We have scenes of revival in Norway also, and at several of our meetings in various denominations souls are being saved, but the general cry now is, ‘Lord. give us a revival the like of which we have never seen before.’ I started some mid-day prayer meetings a short time ago, and our prayer subject was, ‘Revival at Christiania.’ Those meetings were greatly blessed, and results; were seen in more ways than one… Join us in praying for a mighty revival over this centre for the political, social, and religious life of this grand old country.”

The revival also touched Sweden and Denmark, and I believe there’s another outpouring stored up for Scandinavia. In fact, last year when I was in Scotland, I prophesied Denmark was marked for revival. (You can watch that video here.) I also prophesied over Sweden a few months later:

In July 2020, I heard the Lord say:

“There is a remnant in Sweden that can swing the nation toward My plans and purposes. There is a remnant hidden in the outcast churches and even in homes who will not bow to secularism and other “isms” that are working to erode the foundations of justice in Sweden. 

“Cry out now for the remnant to emerge and unite in prayer. For one can put 1,000 to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight. Build your flight team now and watch My Spirit move in response to your cries. I will hear your cries and I will heal your land. I will restore the foundations humanism has eroded. I will bridge the gap among the generations. I will do it at the sound of your voice. 

“So rise up now and step up now and stand up now. Look up. Lift your heads and your voice and the King of Glory will come visit you. You will see visitations, outpourings, refreshings and renewals as you repent on behalf of the sins of your land and persist in crying out to Me for My will to be done and My Kingdom come in Sweden as it is in heaven.”

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