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A Humpty Dumpty Moment for the Prophetic Movement

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A Humpty Dumpty Moment for the Prophetic Movement

I heard the Lord say, “The prophetic movement is facing a Humpty Dumpty moment.”

You may think, “What a strange thing to hear.” I thought so, too. But upon prayer and exploration of Humpty Dumpty it’s certainly fitting.

Humpty Dumpty is a character in a Mother Goose nursery rhyme first printed in 1810. Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice Through the Looking Glass made the rhyme famous. But the rhyme dates further back as far as the 1600s.

So what does Humpty Dumpty symbolize? As it turns out Humpty Dumpty was a 15th century nickname in England to describe large people. There are a few theories as to the historical meaning. Some say Humpty Dumpty speaks of an egg on a wall that falls, and we all know a cracked egg can’t be uncracked. Some say it speaks of a canon during the English Civil War in 1648 that could not be repaired. Still others say it refers to King Richard III, who had a humpback.

The April 2016 Encounter

But the Lord wasn’t speaking of a direct historical parallel. He was speaking of a right now moment in the prophetic movement. As documented on many videos and several of my books, in 2016, after discussing some grievous issues in modern prophetic ministry with two senior leaders in the body of Christ, I felt a strong burden to pray. I got down on my knees to pray, planning to press in for about five minutes and that turned into over an hour.

The five-minute prayer morphed into travail that left me on the hardwood floors of my condo weeping, sweating, and groaning in the spirit. I was lying in a puddle of my own tears as the Lord showed me the state of some camps in the modern-day prophetic movement and gave me a glimpse as to how the enemy wanted to pollute them with various forms of idolatry and immorality, deceive them with extra-biblical extremes, and tempt them to eat from Jezebel’s table and ignite strange fire.

When the Lord showed me in April 2016 the next five years were vital for the prophetic movement, I was overwhelmed. I thought, “What can I possible do to change this? I am just one person and God is raising up multiplied thousands of prophetic voices in the years ahead.” I knew I couldn’t fix it all… but I these senior apostolic prophetic leaders encouraged me to do my part. I started doing as much prophetic training as I could on and launched Ignite, a prophetic network to equip the saints.

But here we are, almost five years later, and we’re facing a Humpty Dumpty moment.

What is a Humpty Dumpty Moment?

But what does the Lord mean? Humpty Dumpty is often pictured as a human with a humongous egg-shaped head, speaking to the pride that has crept into the prophetic movement and is on display for the rest of the church and the world to see. The arrogance of some prophets who insist they are right, work to reinterpret facts is shameful, and condemn those who judge their words is shameful. The refusal to admit one’s wrong reveals a lack of humility that has long existed but is now openly exposed.

Humpty Dumpty was on the wrong wall. Instead of serving as a watchman on the wall like Ezekiel, some puffed up modern-day prophets are wrapped up in constant encounters and decrees that never come to pass (though you can never really prove it). They are prophesying for platforms and paychecks rather than the pleasure of God. This fits in with the Humpty Dumpty profile.

Humpty Dumpty was also a show on Broadway that ran from 1868 to 1869, which until 12 years later was the longest running show ever on Broadway. Humpty Dumpty was the center of attention on what was the biggest platform in America at the time. The play featured pantomimes—storytelling through body movements—and spectacular stage effects. As it is on Broadway, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the prophetic ministry today.

This is the Prophetic Reset

This is the prophetic reset the Lord has been speaking about. And it’s not pretty.

In case you aren’t familiar with Humpty Dumpty, here’s the Mother Goose rhyme: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

Thank God, the true prophetic movement is not facing this Humpty Dumpty moment. It’s the compromised movement within the movement that is falling of the wall they built with their own hands. The wall can’t support them because it was not built on the true Word of God. The leaven will not leaven the whole lump, but is rather being exposed before it can spread any further. The prophetic witchcraft is being seen, as I wrote about in my book, Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft.

On Aug. 12, 2020, I wrote, “Be careful about the voices you listen to. What sounds good on the surface may be rotten on the inside. You have to go beyond the surface level of prophecy and discern the spirit behind the words.” Amid all the prayers for exposure, God just exposed the immature, presumptuous and prideful prophets that need to fall from prideful perches. And He’s so good He’s willing to pick them back up again and teach them to sell out to His voice instead of the voice of the people. Amen.

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