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Patricia King and Jennifer LeClaire Discuss The Seer Dimensions

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Patricia King and Jennifer LeClaire Discuss The Seer Dimensions

God loves communicating. He loves to share His heart, His thoughts, His will and His ways. And one of the ways He shares with us is by opening our eyes to see. On this episode of Supernatural Life, Jennifer LeClaire joins Patricia King to help you understand more about the “seer” dimension so that you can work with Holy Spirit to step into it.

Check out Jennifer’s books on the seer anointing, including The Seer Dimensions, Seer Activations: 101 Ways to Train Your Seer Eyes for Spiritual Accuracy, Power Seers and The Seer’s Dictionary.

You can also take classes at Jennifer’s School of the Seers, or enroll in the full program at

Want to be part of a company of seers? Check out the Ignite Network, Jennifer’s family of prophetic and seeing people.

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