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Prophecy: The House of Cards Will Fall

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Prophecy: The House of Cards Will Fall

I just heard the Lord say, “The house of cards will fall.” And that’s all I heard.

What is a house of cards? I’m not talking about the Netflix series. I’m talking about something built that is insecure and will eventually tumble. In other parts of the world, they call it a card tower or a card castle.

Merriam-Webster defines house of cards as, “a structure, situation, or institution that is insubstantial, shaky, or in constant danger of collapse.” puts it in context with this example, “The scheme is so overly complicated that it’s likely to prove to be just another house of cards.”

A house of cards is fragile and volatile.

That’s all I have other than a sense of what it means. However, prophets, we have to be careful not to share more than we hear because it’s often in the interpretation that our bias interferes with the truth God is trying to convey.

Daniel, John the Revelator and others recorded visions they did not understand. They told us what things looked like, but they did not have interpretation. At times, God sent angels to help them interpret and at times they were told to seal or shut up the vision and not share.

So I repeat, I just heard the Lord say, “The house of cards will fall.”

So can we pray in agreement with the Lord for the house of cards will fall?

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