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Could This be the Prayer Strategy That Ushers in a Trump Victory?

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Could This be the Prayer Strategy That Ushers in a Trump Victory?

On November 5, I released a prayer strategy to the Body of Christ that caused many to label me a Jezebel false prophet who is operating in witchcraft and Leviathan. Christian publications would not touch the article. Most people read into it words that I did not write or didn’t read it at all and dismissed it, assuming I’d missed it and was fighting God. People left my prayer movement in droves.

Now, seven days later things look grimmer than they did before, with high level Republicans like Karl Rove, among other Trump supporters and foreign nationals, conceding that President Trump can’t win. I never said Trump can’t win. Votes are still being counted and the Electoral College has not met.

So if you are reading this article and are still praying for a Trump victory, why not reconsider the prayer strategy that caused some of you to curse me, unfriend me, and slander me last week? Many Christians have made an idol out Trump, which is why they accuse and slander me when I suggest repentance. Isn’t he just flesh and blood? Isn’t he human like the rest of us? Is he above repentance? Are any of us?

Read the rest of this with a heart that seeks wisdom. If you write off this prayer strategy, then you become an obstacle to what you say you want—another four years of Trump in the Oval Office—because you would not pray a harmless, powerful prayer. What I released is a pure word that has been judged so by international prophetic leaders.

Trump’s Nebuchadnezzar Moment

In 2016, I prophesied Trump would win. This year, the Lord did not tell me that but I believe it was His will. Prophetically speaking, Trump is seeing a Nebuchadnezzar moment in his life. What is a Nebuchadnezzar moment? Nebuchadnezzar was a great king who gained great power and whose dominion extended to the end of the earth (see Daniel 4:22). But Nebuchadnezzar made a grave mistake: he let pride influence his heart. He forgot that the God in heaven rules and that only God can give authority to anyone—and that God puts rulers in their place of power.

After interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s nightmare, the prophet Daniel called the king to “break off his sins” and repent. Instead, he manifested with more pride, saying, “Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty?” (see Daniel 4:30). The next thing he knew, he lost his kingdom. He heard a voice from heaven, “King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is spoken: the kingdom has departed from you!”

There’s a fine line between confidence and pride, and Trump may have crossed it—and perhaps some intercessors and prophets did too. Again, the Holy Spirit showed me our president is facing a Nebuchadnezzar moment. Repentance is a path to the presidential victory, and that may include intercessors and prophets who manifested party line prayers and prophecies without considering the spiritual needs of a man God raised up to lead in uncertain times.

Did we pray more for the man’s re-election than for the man himself? Selah. We should pray that Trump comes to repentance. That may not hand him a path to victory in the election but it will hand him a better path forward in the Kingdom. Likewise, many in the church need to repent for its idolatry.

Here’s the Prayer Strategy

Again, I believe God’s will is for Trump to become a two-term president. But we saw kings put in place by the will of God, such as Saul and Ahab, lose their kingdom because they did not glorify God. Again, I believe God is giving Trump a space to repent. Losing is his nightmare. Remember, Nebuchadnezzar eventually repented and his kingdom was restored.

Likewise, Isaiah the prophet prophesied to Hezekiah that he needed to get his house in order because he was going to die. Hezekiah cried out to God, and the Lord gave him another 15 years (see 2 Kings 10). Could it be possible that if Trump cried out to God, the Lord would give him four more years?

Let’s pray the grace of repentance washes over Trump, and, yes, continue to pray to expose elections fraud. God is still in control. Our hope is not in politicians. It is in God. Trump is not our Savior, Jesus is. Ultimately, our only hope is revival. I am still believing for a Third Great Awakening in America, despite who sits in the Oval Office.

Even if Trump doesn’t resume office, praying for the grace of repentance will lead to the transformation of a man—just like repentance—which means changing the way we think and abhorring our sins—leads to our transformation. And if we care about his soul, we should be as concerned about the man as the office he occupies.  

Yes, Prophets Can Miss It

One more thing. If you continue to stand on the unbiblical notion that the prophets who prophesied a Trump win can’t be questioned, that we should believe them and refuse to watch the news to see what’s going on the world, you are setting yourself up for deception somewhere along the line.

Anyone who suggests a prophet can’t be wrong is sorely mistaken. Prophecy is fallible because humans are fallible. If you are going to use the Old Testament 2 Chronicles 2:20 verse to believe the prophets and you will prosper, then you’ll have to hold these New Testament prophets to the same standard as Old Testament Prophets when they miss it. And that would mean stoning them. God forbid.

The prophetic movement is in a perilous place right now. If these prophets who prophesied a Trump victory in 2020 are accurate, many people will never judge another word they release. The prophets become idols. If they are wrong, many in the church will paint the entire prophetic movement with a paint called error. The arrogance I am seeing is beyond troublesome.

I have not said the prophets missed it. I, too, stand in the office of the prophet and have walked in this ministry for two decades. Those who are suddenly going to label me a false prophet Jezebel operating in Leviathan for suggesting repentance, have missed the heart of God. Repentance is the heart of God. Idolatry is not His way.

Dr. Michael Brown said it best: “If you want to speak to the Church today and claim the authority of an Old Testament prophet, then you’ll have to live with the same standards that were used in the Old Testament when the prophet got things wrong. What’s fair is fair.”



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