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Trump Prophecy: President Faces a Nebuchadnezzar Moment

Jennifer LeClaire Exclusives

Trump Prophecy: President Faces a Nebuchadnezzar Moment

WRITTEN NOV. 5, 2020

Vice President Joe Biden appears on the verge of becoming President Joe Biden barring a last-minute miracle, but could that miracle depend on the president’s repentance?

Many Christians have been for years crying out to God according to 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

But could it be possible President Donald Trump is among those who need to repent? Hold that thought.

As of Nov. 5 at 8 a.m. EST, the picture for a second Trump term seems to be growing dim if you look at it with natural eyes. It doesn’t make sense to many Christian Trump supporters, who have fervently prayed and fasted for God’s will to be done in the election. But rest assured, God’s will shall be done—even if it doesn’t mean a second Trump presidential term. Roman 13:1 insists, “Only God can give authority to anyone, and he puts these rulers in their places of power”(CEV).

Trump’s Nebuchadnezzar Moment

Prophetically speaking, Trump is seeing a Nebuchadnezzar moment in his life. What is a Nebuchadnezzar moment? Nebuchadnezzar was a great king who gained great power and whose dominion extended to the end of the earth (see Daniel 4:22). But Nebuchadnezzar made a grave mistake: he let pride influence his heart. He forgot that the God in heaven rules and that only God can give authority to anyone—and that God puts rulers in their place of power.

After interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s nightmare, the prophet Daniel called the king to “break off his sins” and repent. Instead, he manifested with more pride, saying, “Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty?” (see Daniel 4:30). The next thing he knew, he lost his kingdom. He heard a voice from heaven, “King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is spoken: the kingdom has departed from you!”

Trump is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and has done great things for America. Christians should celebrate his wins in restoring religious freedoms and embracing evangelical voices. However, just because Trump is a Christian doesn’t mean he’s yet been conformed to the image of Christ. Just because God has used Trump mightily doesn’t mean he is perfect. None of us are perfect.

Pride can enter anyone’s heart. He has in the past displayed pride, and has through the election continued to manifest a haughty spirit. He was labeled rude in the first presidential debate, which was marked by insults and interruptions. The Associated Press described it as “bitter taunts and near chaos” and carrying a “belligerent tone.”

Trump also called victory for his campaign extremely prematurely by anyone’s judgment. “We’re getting ready to win this election, frankly we did win this election,” Trump said on election night. “This is a very big moment, this is a major fraud in our nation.” Fox News’ Chris Wallace condemned the president’s comments: “This is an extremely flammable situation and the president just threw a match on it. He hasn’t won these states, nobody is saying he won these states, the states hasn’t said he’s won.”

Crossing a Fine Line

There’s a fine line between confidence and pride, and Trump may have crossed it—and perhaps some intercessors and prophets did too. Again, the Holy Spirit showed me our president is facing a Nebuchadnezzar moment. Repentance is a path to the presidential victory, and that may include intercessors and prophets who manifested party line prayers and prophecies without considering the spiritual needs of a man God raised up to lead in uncertain times. Did we pray more for the man’s re-election than for the man himself?

Indeed, the delayed outcome of the 2020 presidential race doesn’t make any sense to those who have been banking on the words of prophets pointing to Trump winning? Were the prophets presumptuous? Did Trump believe the prophets and think it was a done deal because evangelical support carried him to the White House last time? Was it never God’s will that Trump be re-elected? Could his re-election be contingent upon a repentant heart that humbles itself before God and gives Him the glory?

Let’s put all the talk about election fraud aside for a moment. I’m not saying there not election fraud or that we shouldn’t pray for the plans of the enemy to be exposed in this election. I discern there is foul play in the vote counts in key states and we should by all means continue interceding. But I believe God is giving Trump a space to repent, and we need to pray that God will encounter his heart with kindness that leads him to repentance and makes him spiritually fit for a second term.

I believe contracting the coronavirus was part of what was supposed to be a humbling experience and Trump even called his bout with Covid-19 a blessing from God because it exposed him to experimental treatments that he said would become “free for all Americans.”

But that was not the purpose of God permitting the plague to strike him just weeks before the election. The point was to remind him who was in control. His fast restoration was as much connected to the prayers of the saints for a miracle as it was medicines.

What is the Will of God?

I believe God’s will is for Trump to become a two-term president. But we saw kings put in place by the will of God, such as Saul and Ahab, lose their kingdom because they did not glorify God. Again, I believe God is giving Trump a space to repent. Losing is his nightmare. Remember, Nebuchadnezzar eventually repented and his kingdom was restored.

According to a recent message with a timeline from Chuck Pierce from Glory of Zion “This will not be fully settled until January 18. It will be swampy. It will be nasty and we must stand praying until then. I have said what God has said to me. I have not held back.”

Trump–and we all–need to remember how God’s hand moved on him to usher in pro-life victories, the American embassy moved to Jerusalem, the appointment and confirmation of three conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices and more. And we need to remember that he is a man God appointed and pray for the man to hear the voice of God and obey.

Let’s pray the grace of repentance washes over Trump, and, yes, continue to pray to expose elections fraud. God is still in control. Our hope is not in politicians. It is in God. Ultimately, our only hope is revival. I am still believing for a Third Great Awakening in America, despite who sits in the Oval Office. But I believe our path is clearer with President Trump.

Must he repent to win? Only God knows. But this is a Nebuchadnezzar moment.

(Am I saying the prophets all missed it? That’s not what I wrote. We won’t know that until the final results are in.)

UPDATE ON NOV. 12: The vitriol in the church is grieving the Holy Spirit. If we hope God to hear our prayers, we need to walk in a fear of the Lord and humility rather than attacking those who have different opinions. Strife kills the anointing.

The prophets also need to walk humility rather than condemning or casting aspersions of faithlessness or an unwillingness to support the prophets in their predictions.

What is outlined in this article is essentially a prayer strategy that could open a door to victory. Too many people are unwilling to even consider this. Many in the church need to repent for making Trump an idol. He is not our Savior.


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