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Prophecy: Which Rumble Will Ripple Through Asia?

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Prophecy: Which Rumble Will Ripple Through Asia?

A rumble will ripple through Asia. There’s the simultaneous sound of the rumbling of war and the rumbling or revival. The praying church will determine what manifests in the earth in this hour.

Let me be clear. I heard the Lord say, “A rumble will ripple through Asia.” I heard the sound of war but I also heard the sound of revival. Again, the intercessors will determine what happens next.

What is a rumble? It’s a sound but it’s not just any sound. It’s a low sound that is not always easily distinguished. In other words, at first the rumble of war and the rumble of revival may sound the same—until it draws closer. It takes an ear tuned to the heart of God to determine the source of the sound from afar so we, in turn, can lift up the appropriate sound of intercession.

The Rippling Rumble

Let me repeat myself—and let this sink in. A rumble will ripple through Asia. There’s the simultaneous sound of the rumbling of war and the rumbling or revival. The praying church will determine what manifests in the earth in this hour.

What is a ripple? It’s a flow. It’s a wave. It’s something that spreads. It’s something that stirs. A ripple is a surge, a swelling, a rush, a billow. The intercessors will determine if we see a swell of war or a swell of His presence.

Our prayers make ripple effects in the spirit. Revelation 8:4 (TPT) makes it clear: “And the smoke of the incense with the prayers of the holy ones billowed up before God from the hand of the angel.” When deep cries unto deep—when prayer reaches the throne room—God will send His waves and billows over a nation (see Psalm 42:7).

Rumblings of War

Jeremiah the prophet discerned the sound of war. He said, “A sound of battle is in the land,
and of great destruction” (Jeremiah 50:22). The Amplified Classic puts it this way, “The cry and noise of battle is in the land, and [the noise] of great destruction.”

There are wars brewing in Asia that aim to bring mass destruction. Not just word wars. Not just cold wars, but military expeditions that could lead to the loss of many lives in Asia and even other nations. I first saw this in a vision when I was in Taiwan in 2019. This is well beyond current conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In fact, this media-making battle is the first fruits of what the enemy has planned.

While the enemy is trying to accelerate end-times agendas, the Lord’s will in Asia is revival. And I hear the sound of revival. What does the rumbling of revival sound like? A remnant crying out with prayers that don’t cease. But in order for the rumble of revival to overtake the rumble of war, the sound of prayer must overwhelm the sound of enemy chatter.

Responding with a Sound

I explore the concepts of sound in-depth in my book, Breaking the Miracle Barrier: Releasing God’s Power for Breakthrough. There’s an art and science to sound and God moves at the sound of our voice when we petition Him to execute His will.

Responding to the sound of war is different than responding to the sound of revival. But what if you hear both sounds rolling up to a roaring point at the same time? In this case, you know there is a war in the heavens for the destiny of a region. What kind of sound do you release? What can you pray?

Repent for the sins of Asia.

Ask God to rise up as Defender.

Pray against enemy plans to change the times in Asia.

Pray for peace in Asia.

Pray intercessors in Asia and those with a heart for Asia will contend for revival with Holy Spirit’s help.

Pray for revival to begin in the intercessors, five-fold ministers and churches across Asia.

Pray for a revival in the seven mountains of society.

Pray in the spirit.

I’m looking for 1,000 intercessory prayer leaders to raise up. Are you one of them? Join the Awakening Prayer Hubs movement at

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