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Prophetic Word Points to ‘Jaw Dropping’ Encounters for Awakening Intercessors

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Prophetic Word Points to ‘Jaw Dropping’ Encounters for Awakening Intercessors

Intercessors are on God’s heart. Although apostles and prophets are the foundation of the church, in this season God is intent on raising up the next generation of intercessors.

Mike Bickle taught me to discover what God is doing in any generation and get on board. That’s probably why God told me to make prayer my life’s work in 2012. I’ve been working fervently since by the grace of God to press into prayer initiatives, including raising up intercessory prayer leaders.

While in a last prayer meeting with my Awakening Prayer Hubs leaders, the Lord began to speak a very clear word of encouragement to the prayer warriors in the movement, which is endorsed by Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, Patricia King and many others.

I heard the Lord say:

“When you see who I am and when you engage with Me in prayer at the level to which I am taking you, you are going to understand the work that you are doing is important to My Kingdom.

“That realization—that revelation, that understanding—is going to thrill your heart in a way that nothing else could. Knowing and seeing the impact of what I have called you to do is going to bring to you a joy. It’s going to fill you with a desire to go deeper into My Spirit and further into My heart.

“So stand fast, hold fast and walk strong. For I am pouring out My grace upon you. I am putting my mantle of prayer on you. It is from Me. It’s My mantle. It’s the mantle of Christ to pray without ceasing. That is how I have equipped you. Not by your own might not by your own power but it’s by My Spirit that you will do what I have called you to do.

“And when you begin to see the fruit of it in this next season—when you see what I am doing, when you see that I hear and answer prayer—you are going to begin to enter into the fullness of joy.

“Even your prayer times are going to change. You are going to enter into My presence a little faster in this season. You are going to enter into the peace of God a little stronger in this season.

“So look to Me and wait for Me and I will take you places in prayer that will make your jaw drop. I will take you places in prayer that will cause you to understand the authority that I have put upon you.

“You are not second class. You are over not under—you are over the attack. You are above and not beneath. So stand firm, stand strong and stand ready and I will make you able and nothing shall by any means harm you.”

What a word, right? I believe this prophecy is true for every laid-down intercessor who loves the Lord enough to sacrifice their time to watch and pray. But God is doing something unique in the Awakening Prayer Hubs movement. God is knitting together the hearts of intercessors in a family of prayer warriors that will contend to the end for the promises of God in our generation. We will not stop praying.

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