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Prophecy: The Holy Spirit Contending Against Prophetic Witchcraft

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Prophecy: The Holy Spirit Contending Against Prophetic Witchcraft

While doing a Facebook live on rock star prophets, the Holy Spirit suddenly came over me and I began to prophesy some bold words.

As you’ll read below, the Holy Spirit is grieved with the level of prophetic witchcraft in the Body of Christ. Although the true prophetic movement is bringing encouragement, warning, healing and edification to the church, prophetic witchcraft sets out to deceive for the sake of platform or a paycheck. (I write more about this in my best-selling book, Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft: Exposing the Spiritual Divination that is Deceiving Spiritually Hungry Believers.)

While discussing the current state of the movement—most of which blesses the Body—I heard the Lord say:

“Those who are hungering and those who are thirsting after righteousness, they will be fulfilled in this next season. I am pulling many out of the clutches of Jezebel, and I am pulling many out of the clutches of the Baal prophets. I am pulling many out of systems of greed and corruption.

“I am opening many of the eyes of many of the people who are truly hungry and thirsty for Me. For many are entrapped by a snare of the enemy because they were ignorant of the devil’s devices. They were ignorant of the true prophetic. They didn’t understand and know what they were walking into.

“But I am going to deliver those who really want to know the truth. I am going to bring them out of prophetic bondage. I am even going to use their voice to help save others who have found themselves in a net, in a pit, and I am going to deliver many in this season from the snare of prophetic witchcraft.

“And I am going to rise up. I am going to rise up. I am going to rise up and deal with this in My Bride, because it is a spot, and it is a blemish. And then I am going to raise up new prophetic voices who will not prophesy for clicks and shares and likes on social media, but who will prophesy for My glory.

“And you will see and know that I Myself will cleanse the prophetic, but I will use the people. I will use the prophets who are true and good and pure. I will use the prophetic people who hunger and thirst after Me, and we will do this together. I will do it through your prayers, and I will do it through your petitions, and I will do it through your warfare.

“For we will solve this issue together. For even though false prophets must rise, they don’t have to rise at the level they are rising in this hour. For My bride has been asleep, and My bride has been slumbering, but the remnant has risen, and the remnant is fighting and warring for the truth to prevail in the land.”

Will you be part of the solution? I can’t count on both hands the number of times I see believers amen-ing, liking and sharing the prophetic words from false, immature or presumptuous prophets. Check out my new book and webinar, Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft here. Get equipped. The prophetic witchcraft you don’t resist and the prophetic word you don’t judge can derail your life.



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