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Date-Setter Claims June 21 is End of the World: Yes, Really

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Date-Setter Claims June 21 is End of the World: Yes, Really

The end of the world has been predicted on numerous past occasions but conspiracy theorists believe the latest prediction could be the real deal. Purveyors of doomsday conspiracy theories, who previously claimed the world would end on December 21, 2012, have now said the world will actually end on June 21, 2020. The end times date was pulled from the Maya calendar, which was believed to end in 2012 after 5,126 years.

But a new interpretation of the Maya calendar has cast doubt on the original prediction, suggesting the world as we know it will end this weekend.

According to the new calculations, the world will end on the same day the Sun will briefly disappear behind the Moon during a so-called annular eclipse.

The coincidence has given rise to numerous additional theories the eclipse is a biblical sign of prophecy.

In the wake of the new predictions, scores of people took to social media to discuss the worrying news.

One Twitter user said: “The date the Mayan calendar predicted for the ‘end of the world’ (the end of an age) is in fact next week (June 21).

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