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‘Devil’s Back is Breaking’ as Preacher Believes Jesus Coming Back Soon

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‘Devil’s Back is Breaking’ as Preacher Believes Jesus Coming Back Soon

Many Christians across the globe wait for the day of the Second Coming when Jesus Christ is prophesied to return and establish his kingdom on Earth. According to Paul Begley, an evangelist from West Lafayette in Indiana, US, the signs of the Second Coming could already be unfolding. Pastor Begley, host of The Coming Apocalypse show, is a popular purveyor of doomsday prophecies and biblical conspiracies concerning the end times.

In a recent broadcast shared online, the firebrand preacher said: “All right folks, this is that. It’s happening, okay?

“So Pentecost came, Jerusalem was shaking and quaking, the devil’s back was breaking, revival was spreading through the land.

“People were being saved, healed and delivered, but what is this? Well, this is that. That’s what Peter said.”

Pastor Begley then cited scripture and prophecies of the last days cited in the Book of Acts 2.

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