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Could China be Hiding More Weaponized Viruses?

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Could China be Hiding More Weaponized Viruses?

On April 23, the Holy Spirit showed me China is hiding information that needs to be released in the next 30 days—information that could impact the next 30 years.

The Holy Spirit described this as “shocking information.” This information has been kept under wraps since before the coronavirus pandemic erupted in Wuhan. However, there is a tie to the plagues—and the Holy Spirit told me there would be two more plagues after this current pandemic. (I am sure there will more than two plagues in the earth, but there was a sense of immediacy with regard to the two plagues coming quickly behind Covid-19.)

In a March 20, 2020 vision I saw Covid-19 splitting and mutating. We have prayed against that, but we’ve already seen coronavirus mutate and some are expecting a more deadly strain. We must keep praying. I am not settled in my spirit that these mutations are the two additional plagues the Holy Spirit mentioned to me.

As I’ve said, China’s hidden information goes beyond trade secrets. It goes beyond speculated bioweapons. It goes beyond digital currency. It goes beyond cyberwars to the point of world domination. All eyes will be on China and shock and awe will follow the revelation of this information; information that needs to be exposed to the world in the next 30 days to avoid a crisis that ripples over the next 30 years. You can read the rest of my original article here.

What is China Hiding?

What’s the latest? Your prayers are working. We are seeing leaks, but there’s more still that needs to come to the surface. I know in part so I prophesy in part (see 1 Cor. 13:9) Many prophetic voices have seen other parts and shared them, but we still do not have the full picture.

Here’s what I feel heavy in my spirit: China has additional viruses locked and loaded for release. These viruses are essentially weaponized and could be used for mass destruction. In a quest for world domination, China is willing to suffer in the short-term to gain in the long-term. Again, remember China’s hidden information goes beyond trade secrets, and bioweapons to world domination.

As I wrote on March 23, the enemy is not done wreaking havoc in the nations. Beyond plagues, the next sign of the times will be something that looks more like a famine, though temporary. I see a contamination coming to some of the food supply that will result in shortages in some areas, as well as sickness and deaths. People will rush to order online, putting strain on the overall food supply in unaffected areas. You can read this article here.


China Threats WHO

China seems keen on keeping the hidden information under cover. The CIA believes China tried to prevent the World Health Organization (WHO) from sounding the alarm on the coronavirus outbreak in January—a time when Beijing was stockpiling medical supplies from around the world, according to Newsweek. If true, this is sickening but not altogether shocking.

On May 12,the Newsweek exclusive story said the contents of the CIA report, which said China threatened the WHO that the country would stop cooperating with the agency’s coronavirus investigation if the organization declared a global health emergency. The story was confirmed by two U.S. intelligence officials.

Der Spiegel published the same report last week, based on German intelligence. The WHO is not talking to the media, saying it doesn’t comment on specific discussions with members states. What is China hiding? Could it be possible China is working to cripple the world economy? I believe it’s very possible. But we have to remember we’re wrestling against principalities and powers—princes over nations—rather flesh and blood. I am believing for revival across Asia.

‘China Knew Economic Devastation Would Be Huge’

In my research I discovered on May 12, U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney in a FOX & Friends interview said Chinese government was directly responsible for letting the coronavirus spread to the United States and the rest of the world—and must be held accountable.

“When they understood the economic devastation was going to be huge, I think they believed they would rather have that spread around the globe rather than it simply be something they suffered from,” she said. “Clearly they cannot continue to be a member of the civilized community of nations because of what they’ve done and because of the lies.”

Also on May 12, the Wall Street Journal ran an ominous story with the headline: On the Ground in Wuhan, Signs of China Stalling Probe of Coronavirus Origins. And CNN reported the FBI arrested a researcher for NASA who allegedly failed to report ties to China. This less than 10 days after a Coronavirus researcher was killed in a murder-suicide in Pennsylvania.


China’s Covid-19 Numbers Leaked

Also on May 12, Foreign Policy magazine ran a story headlined “Leaked Chinese Virus Database Covers 230 Cities, 640,000 Updates” with a subtitle, “New information may offer insight into the honesty of China’s coronavirus numbers.” The magazine asked why Beijing restricts access to its coronavirus data—then answered its own question:

“Possibly because of malice or mistrust toward the United States, at a time when tensions are running high. Possibly because of bureaucratic errors. And possibly because Beijing fears that outside researchers will learn of its extensive cover-up, destroying the narrative that an authoritarian nation like China is better equipped to protect its people against a pandemic.

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