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Prophecy About ‘Shocking China Information Bombshell’ Only Partially Fulfilled In Intel Dossier

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Prophecy About ‘Shocking China Information Bombshell’ Only Partially Fulfilled In Intel Dossier

As intercessors around the world keep crying out to God for exposure of China’s information bombshell, the secular news media is beginning to reveal leaked reports that confirm what many knew in their spirits. The Covid-19 cover up has been exposed.

The question is, what remains below the tip of the iceberg? Let’s start with what we do know.

On April 23, the Holy Spirit showed me China is hiding information that needs to be released in the next 30 days—information that could impact the next 30 years. The Holy Spirit described this as “shocking information.” (You can read that article here. You can watch a video with me unpacking the word here.

Prayer warriors from the nations continue contacting me with their dreams and visions about what is going on. Some of these prophetic revelations are startling and should urge us to keep praying. Intercession has made a breach in the informational dam.

Dossier Reveals Depths of China’s Covid-19 Coverup

According to a Fox News article, the dossier touches on themes that have been discussed in media reports about the outbreak of the virus, including an initial denial by China that the virus could be transmitted between humans, the silencing or “disappearing” of doctors who tried to speak up, the destruction of evidence in laboratories and refusal to provide live samples to international scientists working on a vaccine.

Specifically, Fox reports, the file notes that China began censoring news of the virus on search engines and social media beginning Dec. 31, deleting terms including “SARS variation,” “Wuhan Seafood market” and “Wuhan Unknown Pneumonia.”

Three days later, Fox reports, China’s National Health Commission ordered virus samples to be either moved to designated testing facilities or destroyed, while simultaneously issuing a “no-publication order” related to the disease.

The Hidden Bombshell Is Still Hidden

The dossier goes on and on with shocking information as to how deep the coverup ran. But it didn’t go deep enough. I’m encouraged that the intercession is breaking open the secret vaults but we can’t stop praying now. This is the tip of the prophetic iceberg. There’s much more undercover.

Prophetically speaking, as we pray, more information leaks will begin to show a ripple effect that’s uglier than many imagined. Many people have been shouting about a global cover up. That is without question. I believe it’s the perversion in the underbelly of the cover up that will bring shock and awe as much as the information itself.

This goes beyond draining a swamp. Entire structures and systems need to be dismantled. Be assured God has a plan.

On Friday at Glory of Zion, Linda Heidler offered up a recap of prophetic words Chuck Pierce over the last couple of years. He prophesied in Sept. 19 about a surprise in Washington, D.C.: “You are praying and praying but I will surprise the people of this nation. Stand steady when I bring the surprise in. All calculations are not entering My plan so watch because I already have a plan to enter this land.” Chuck then said, “It will take 12 years to rebuild the mess this nation is in but He already has a plan for this land.”

I also sense the enemy is trying to orchestrate World War III. As I said in my previous article, the enemy is working to change times. The end is not here yet. We are seeing the beginning of a global realignment I prophesied about in January 2020. How the church responds in this season is critical.

Decree Revival in China

We know there’s an underground church in China that is thriving despite persecution. My heart is to see China break out in revival that spills forth from the underground and sees a billion souls saved in China alone.

It’s possible, then, that the Bob Jones prophecy about the billion-soul harvest could be fulfilled in Asia alone and spread beyond with Chinese missionaries from the underground preaching a bold gospel in the nations.

11 Urgent Prayer Points

Remember my seven urgent prayer points? I’ve added to them. You can join us in prayer over these points and connect with other intercessors at our Global Prayer Room here.

1. Pray for evil works in the nations to be exposed (see Eph. 5:11).

2. Pray that wicked plans and purposes would be exposed by the light and becomes visible (see Eph. 5:13).

3. Pray nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light (see Luke 8:17).

4. Pray that God will being evil secrets to judgment (see Ecc. 12:14).

5. Pray that hidden information is leaked by credible informants.

6. Pray against false flags that distract us on the information trail.

7. Pray for a whistleblower to rise up and leak these shocking secrets to the media world.

Here’s a few more.

8. Bless the nation of China, bless and curse not.

9. Pray for a revival and awakening to sweep China that will spill out into Asia and ultimately the rest of the world.

10. Pray that what the enemy meant for harm, God will turn for good.

11. Pray for world leaders to rise up with boldness and make difficult decisions accurately.



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