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Brexit Day Prophecy: The UK Will See a New Era of Innovation

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Brexit Day Prophecy: The UK Will See a New Era of Innovation

It’s Brexit Day—the day Great Britain finally exits the European Union. Keep in mind, Britain is not divorcing Europe. Britain is very much part of the continent and desires strong trade partnerships and alliances in the region. The marriage between the ancient empire and its ancient neighbors just wasn’t God’s will.

More than three and a half years after the landmark referendum that paved the way for Britain to leave the European union—a referendum that had plenty of opposition and brought significant division within the United Kingdom—Great Britain will leave the bloc of 27 remaining countries on Jan. 31.

Back in October, I knew in my spirit the United Kingdom needed to exit before the end of January to stay on pace with her destiny. It’s been delayed long enough. There is a kairos time for all things. Few realize this, but the UK has been an EU member since 1973. The degree of oneness merely escalated over the years, and particularly since the adoption of the euro. The United Kingdom never changed its currency from the pound, demonstrating its sovereignty as a nation.

I received this prophetic word in October and have waited until now—now that the dust has settled on the quarreling—to release this encouragement. I know many pundits and economists are predicting the fall of Great Britain in a post-EU reality. It’s time for the intercessors in the UK to rise up, revoke word curses, bless the UK nations and pray for God’s will. I heard the Lord say:

The United Kingdom will see a new era of innovation and foreign investment. For I am beginning to restore My plans and purposes in the nation. Little by little, I will work with your prayers to reverse the ill effects of an alignment I never ordained. I have broken the yoke and given you your voice back. Speak boldly, prophets, the words I put in your heart and in your mouth and call your nation back into alignment with My heart.

Be encouraged, England. Be encouraged Scotland. Be encouraged Ireland and Wales. For you will see several suddenlies demonstrating My blessing on your exit while I work all things together for the good because of the intercessors who have stood in the gap during the recent volatility. Bless and curse not in the midst of the fallout and backlash from those who oppose your Brexit.

A greater measure of peace will rest upon your land as the people see and feel the positive impacts of following My will. Your economy will not fail but will rise again. Your prophets will begin to repair the breaches and push back the darkness that has tried to settle in the wake of national strife and division. 

I will also bless Europe. For many are the roots of awakening across the continent and I am not forsaking My people. I will give you strategies to rise above the noise and see the increase of My government in your midst. Do not buy into the divisive political tactics, but determine in your hearts to unite with church in United Kingdom to see My will sweep through a land mass that is on My heart in this hour.

Who will stand in the gap with me and pray?

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