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Bill Hamon Prophesies into the End-Time Harvest

End-Times Insight

Bill Hamon Prophesies into the End-Time Harvest

More souls will be saved during the last 100 years of the Church than has been saved during the whole Church Age.   Preparation must be made now for the great harvest.  

The harvesters must be equipped with God’s WW111 weapons of supernatural, Holy Spirit manifestations.  The powerful, supernatural prophesying of the Prophets and miracles of the Apostles and powerful gospel preaching of the Evangelist are required to reap this greatest harvest ever recorded. 

Prophets Speak to Sheeps and Goats

Old Testament Prophets prophesied God’s word to nations like Israel, Egypt, Babylon and many other nations, which revealed and determined their future and destiny. God declared to Prophet Jeremiah, “I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”  God then decrees that He has set the prophet’s voice with the word of the Lord over the nations and kingdoms.  “See, I have this day set you over the nations and the kingdoms” (Jer.1:5,10).

This would include thestates and cities within a nation.  Certain last day prophets will be commissioned to speak God’s personal word to a nation, and how that nation responds to God’s Word can determine whether they become a sheep nation that Jesus sets on His right side or a goat nation set on His left side  (Mt.25:1-4, 41).  National leaders will listen to God’s prophetic apostles and apostolic prophets to receive God’s wisdom and strategies for situations for which they do not have a solution. (An example is Isaiah prophesying God’s victory for the war. Is.37:1-7, 21-35; 2Kings 19:1-17). 

Prophets Go Into Equipping Mode

Ephesians 4:11-16 shows God’s main commission to Prophets, Apostles, Pastors, Evangelist & Teachers is for them to equip the saints in their membership ministry in the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It is no longer just a good idea but an absolute necessity for the saints, who will be God’s overcomers manifesting the kingdom of God, for them to personally hear these words from Christ Jesus, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  

Ministers who know that they are supposed to equip the Saints in the character of Christ and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, but do not, will be held accountable on that day.  The reason this is made a part of the Word of the Lord for 2020 is because Jesus knows the total amount of supernatural harvesters and warriors He needs in the immediate future to reap the harvest and win the war that has already begun.  The thousands now prepared must quickly increase to millions!

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