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2020 Prophecy: Second Level of God’s Purpose for 21st Century Prophets

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2020 Prophecy: Second Level of God’s Purpose for 21st Century Prophets

The restoration movement of 1948 was the first to start teaching that prophets are to currently be active in the Church.  In 1986 I published the book Prophet & Personal Prophecy, which revealed the restoration of prophets and the great Company of Prophets that God was raising up to make ready a people and prepare the way for Christ’s second coming as the Prophet John the Baptist did for Christ’s first coming.

In 1987 Christian International conducted the first ever International Gathering of Prophets Conference.  ln that conference the saints went into 45 minutes of deep, intercessory prayer for the birthing of the Company of Prophets.  

In the 1988 CI Prophets Conference, there was a sovereign move of God that birthed the Prophetic Movement (the details are given in “Prophets & Prophetic Movement” pages 94-100, 105.)   The first level/phase of the Prophets and prophetic ministry is described in Ezekiel 37:1-8. It was noised abroad and they came together into different prophetic networks. 

The second level/wave of God’s purpose for the restoration of Prophets is described in Ezekiel 37:9,10. They began ministering in resurrection life, and became an exceeding great army (See Rev.10:7 & 11:3-5; Moses prophesying to Pharaoh; Daniel to Nebuchadnezzar + many more).

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