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2020: God’s Grace Pouring Out in Your Process

Prophetic Words

2020: God’s Grace Pouring Out in Your Process

Father God is giving extra grace and wisdom to His committed and chosen ones to hasten the process of conformity to the likeness of His Son Jesus Christ.  

God’s highest calling and priority for His sons and daughters is not to do the greatest works but to be transformed into Christ-likeness.  Jesus needs a certain amount of human beings who have been born again and grown to the maturity of Christ-likeness. 

The Bible reveals that only the overcomers who have been conformed to Christ likeness will be chosen to rule and reign with Christ on levels of great responsibility.  Apostle Paul declared that the sufferings we go through in crucifying the flesh, dying to self and the process for transformation into Christ-likeness is not worthy to be compared to the rewards it brings in eternity (Rom.8:18, 29;  Eph.4:13,15; 2 Cor.3:18; Heb.2:10). God’s “glory” for Christians is conformity to Christ-likeness.

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