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2020: A Year of Reset and Restitution

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2020: A Year of Reset and Restitution

It is a year of reset. This is the day when we will be anointed for reset. This reset will bring a breakthrough for relations, for families, for the nation. God is going to turn impossible situations around. That’s an exciting word for 2020, isn’t it? 

Now, there’s something else connected with this reset. This reset is also going to bring restitution. Many people don’t understand this word, but let’s talk about this prophetically. Restitution was part of the Old Testament law. These were laws of recompense for people that were robbed. They included recompense for loss of animals, bride price, money taking through defrauding the poor or so forth. 

This was also seen with Zaccheus. You may remember Zaccheus in Luke 19 when Jesus said, “Zaccheus come down; I’m going to stay with you today.” This appalled the Pharisees that Jesus would stay with such a sinner. But it so touched Zaccheus’ heart that he says to the Lord, “Lord, I am now giving half of my possessions to the poor. And if I cheated anyone out of anything, I will give back four times as much.”

In other words, God, through this word of the Lord to Zaccheus, so moved upon Zaccheus who had been such a sinner, such a thief, such a cheat and robber. He was the chief of the tax collectors and very rich. Just through Jesus reaching out to him, it convicted him, and he decided he wasn’t going to just give some money to the poor; he was gonna give half of his possessions. And any way he cheated people, he was gonna restore more than he had to restore. 

And so we see that God wants to re-establish what Satan has robbed from you. I love this word. When God spoke this to me and to other prophets as well, I began to believe for restitution. And we’re seeing restitution of relationships. I’m seeing some things happen in situations that were not of my will, different relationships that got broken, even in ministry. I didn’t know what to do about it. I’ve prayed; I forgave. Someone had spoken against me. But you know what? God is doing it, and He’s doing it in such a way that it’s just beautiful to see. 

Now, let’s believe for this, that God is going to give you restoration. Let’s believe God will give you restitution. Why don’t you make a list? Make a restitution list, a restoration list. And say, okay, this year I want my life in this new era to have a reset. I want my life in this new era to be changed. You know what? God can do that for you. The Bible says in John 10:10 that the thief comes to steal and destroy, but Jesus came so we may have life and may have it more abundantly. So are you living an abundant life? 

You know, Mike and I had such a year of joyful increase. But we took that word seriously. In fact, Mike and I always do this. We sow into the word; we give offerings. The Bible says that ministers are worthy of double honor, so we personally believed; we started giving cash offerings to different people we knew. And we began to sow and sow. We cast our bread upon the waters, and God just brought it back on every wave. It’s amazing. I had spent some money,  and we were at a point where we needed a blessing to come; then last night I found some money I didn’t even know I had. God is just wonderful to us. 

We were talking about going into the Promised Land earlier in this message. That was a reset for the children of God. That was an alignment coming into their destiny as a people. When we hear this word, Mike and I knew we needed to reset. There were things that we owned that were broken. I had that we were not able to get fixed; it was such a cute little car. Four years ago, I had an accident in that car, and I said, Lord, this is a year of reset for that car. We took it in, and we got it fixed for way cheaper than they said. I am driving it now; we were able to work out the problems. And you know what? We had a reset. I mean, it is a little thing. But to me, it was something that was fun. It was something I really loved to do. So from four years ago I had a reset. And God wants to do that for your life. 

I just wrote some principles down to understand about resetting and restitution. 

Number one: Satan is the thief. Don’t be mad at God. Satan is a thief, and we have to understand that we need to rise up and say to him, “No, you cannot have my family. You cannot touch my finances. You cannot have these circumstances that are coming.” Imagine if you are in a relationship with someone and you have blessed them so much, and they’re just mad at you because bad things happen. Well, you didn’t cause those bad things to happen. It was someone else, maybe a thief or something. How foolish is that? This is what the Bible is trying to say to us. Look, it is Satan that is robbing you. I’ve come to give you life and life more abundantly. 

Number two: Jesus came to give us an abundant life. 

Number three: it’s not automatic. 

Number four: we need to claim the provision. 

Number five: people do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he’s starving. This is Proverbs 6:30 and 31. Yet when he’s found, he must restore sevenfold. He may have to give up all the substance of his house. 

I want you to learn to be a fighter this year. Don’t let Satan run over you like a smooth road. Decree and declare: this is my reset year. This is my year of restitution. This is my year of restoration. This is a year when I’m going to see a blessing come to my life. You’re going to have to fight for it, and you need to be right with God. Make sure that you’re aligned with the Lord. Make sure you’ve forgiven anybody you need to forgive. If things happened to you last year, leave those things behind in forgiveness, okay? It works. Forgive; it’ll make you feel so good to forgive. And those people that you haven’t forgiven, usually they don’t care if you’re upset with them for the most part. 

Decide: this is a year of complete realignment. I’m going to grow into my skin. I’m going to come into the purpose and destiny of God. I’m going to have restoration and restitution. 

God bless you, and I want to wish you a happy 2020. I want you to use this word all year long. Let God anoint your voice. Watch, and be a watchman. Learn to go to war, and God is going to release a blessing to you. If Satan robs from you, like the scripture I’ve just read (Proverbs 6:30 and 31), tell Satan, “You’re going to have to give me back seven times.” 

Sometimes we get to be lazy Christians, and we just think, well, that bad thing happened, or that was taken from me. So I’ll just let it happen; I’ll roll with it. Or maybe you’ve gotten mad at God. I’ve been mad at God before. I didn’t know I was mad at God, but I have been mad at God before. And I had to forgive and ask God to forgive me for being angry at him. 

So this is a year of reset, this is a year of blessing, this is a year of roaring, this is a year of claiming and decreeing the promises. And if you do this, you are going to see this will be a year of blessing. God bless you.

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