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We know that the world does not just operate in the realm of what we see and hear on the news. There is a spiritual realm; the Bible tells us in Ephesians there is a real battle going on that does not involve flesh and blood.  Oftentimes we can sense the darkness and the spiritual struggle.  Through prayer and discernment, sometimes we can see the natural and the supernatural of a situation at once–almost like an overlay of spiritual activity and information onto the pages of the news.  It’s the prophetic.

The prophetic can offer us a peek at what God may be doing behind the scenes, or even what the Enemy is doing.  This “peek,” or prophetic understanding, may provide a deeper perspective on what we are praying about. We at IFA do share prophetic words from time to time from trusted, balanced sources, as a way of inviting you, an intercessor, to pray into these words, test them, and ask God what He might have you do.

Here area couple of prophetic words we have received about the situation with Iran.  We invite you to exercise your own discernment, pray, and seek what God may be revealing to you.

Word #1

“I was notified yesterday [with your text] about Iran’s retaliation and I went away to pray and seek the Lord. What I felt was yesterday’s attack, although it was retaliation for Soleimani’s death, I feel was a retaliation because of the united prayers of the saints. Yesterday was the One Voice Prayer Movement [prayer call] and you could feel the tangible presence of God was we gathered with one voice in prayer.  I prayed in the spirit after receiving the news and I sought the Lord on how to pray. I prayed for President Trump and his Administration–for supernatural wisdom handling Iran. I prayed for our troops and embassies and asked God to send supernatural protection over them. I prayed in the spirit wanting to know what God would have me pray and the Lord led me to Ezekiel 37.  I was a bit confused as to why. I began to pray that God would raise up an army. I prayed for the breath of God from the four winds of heaven to begin to blow and release resurrection power. Though I do not fully understand why the Lord would lead me to Ezekiel 37, I felt it was relevant.”

Word #2

“In the first dream I saw a life-sized chessboard. It was living. The pieces were people, not figurines like a usual chessboard. The strange part is the pieces were not traditional chess pieces but they were all the characters of Alice in Wonderland. Alice was the highest-ranking piece and she had many other characters on her side like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat, etc. The side she opposed was the Queen of Hearts, who was the highest-ranking piece on the other side. Behind the Queen was her Red Heart Army who seemed to be soldiers. A game of chess was being played before my eyes. I could not tell you which was good or which was evil. But they greatly opposed each other; there was deep indignation. An official called a “time out” for some reason and this time out was supposed to be a time of peace.  However, Alice and the Queen all of a sudden prepared for a fight. It became a war on the chessboard. All the pieces began to war amongst each other. What caught my eye is that they turned on each other. Some of Alice’s pieces fought against the Red Hearts. Some of the Red Hearts fought against other Red Hearts.  All turned against one another and there was great confusion. . . .I have been feeling that a revolution may be coming to Iran, like an uprising. Iranian people who will fight back against the Iranian regime. Maybe that’s what the chess dream meant. Although I didn’t understand a lot of what I saw, I believed I saw two nations represented by those two sets of characters on the chessboard. And as the pieces began to turn on each other, maybe that was an uprising amongst the Iranians by the hand of the Lord, not by the hand of man.”

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