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Prophecy: Grow Up and Show Up in the Fear of the Lord

Daily Prophecy

Prophecy: Grow Up and Show Up in the Fear of the Lord

A growth spurt coming to hearts and minds of believers. Growth mindsets.

Tribes and streams going to war together for the purpose of receiving an inheritance among the nations. Competition between churches/streams will vanish as the Body of Christ lifts up its eyes to see just how ripe the fields are for harvest (see John 4:35).

God is giving an “allocated” inheritances and asking the different streams and tribes within the Body of Christ to fight with each other to take hold of the inheritances. The inheritances won do not belong to the Body, but to the Head: our inheritance becomes God’s inheritance.

Exodus 34:9 “…take us for your inheritance…”

2019 was a year where the Lord began to restore the fear of the Lord to the church. This will continue, and as I prophesied at the start of 2019, for Christians who cry out for the fear of the Lord there will also be a release of wisdom to be able to walk in blessing which is contrary to the shaking in the nations. Christian “consultants” will arise who have no formal qualifications, but they are those who walk in the fear and wisdom of the Lord, carrying Heaven’s solutions for those who have ears to hear.

As the fear of the Lord increases the Lord will bring deliverance where much of the Church has been taken captive by the Genesis 14 kings of “Mesopotamia”: false doctrines, impurity, demonic lies, fear of man, political correctness, false alignments. They were seduced because they wanted the comfortable lands by the River Jordan (Genesis 13:10-11) of cultural relevance among the inhabitants of the land. Some have even taken the wealth of the king of Sodom (Genesis 14:21-24) rather than trust the Lord, and have become vassals of the zeitgeist/spirit of the age.

The Lord is calling the true and faithful Bride to fight for the captive church (Lot Genesis 14:12) and to see her delivered in this season. As the Church arises to intercede for those who have been corrupted by the spirit of the age the Lord will bring deliverance to those who do not look back, even as Lot was delivered from Sodom and Gomora (Genesis 18:22-19:22). This will come as the pure, simple, undefiled, un-compromised, counter-cultural Gospel is preached and treasured.

As the purity of the Gospel and Church is restored the Lord will restore a measure of power to the church not seen before, including the ministry of deliverance as a normal, everyday part of the Christian life.

The people of God will be known for love and mercy, but also as a force to be reckoned with.

Fear of the Lord will not only come upon the church but also upon those who oppose her. The Lord is restoring the Church’s bite, roar, and backbone in order to stand with each other, but also stand up against injustice, poverty, impurity, and ungodly policies.

The Church will arise as the Victorious Bride triumphing over the powers of darkness.

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