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2020 Prophecy:”Big Things Are Coming”

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2020 Prophecy:”Big Things Are Coming”

Recently as I was praying, I heard the Lord’s voice boom in my spirit and say, “Big things! Big things are coming!” According to our timetables, the Lord can take a very long time to move, but when He does finally move, it is sometimes accompanied by noises, thundering, lightnings and earthquakes.

God Has a History of Doing Big Things

Scripture shows that God waited four hundred years before He had the perfect dynamic to move the people of Israel out of their captivity in Egypt and into the promises of God. God called out Moses from among the people, saying that He had heard the cries of His people and was coming down to deliver them (Ex. 3:7-8). After 400 years of silence, God moved. It was a BIG THING accompanied by great signs and supernatural wonders.

After twenty years of oppression under the vicious rule of the Amalekites, God raised up Deborah. She was judging Israel at that time and along with Barak God sent her into battle and delivered the enemy into their hands. This was a BIG THING!

After seven years of oppression under the Midianites, the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon and greeted him as a “mighty warrior.” The angel, in essence, told him that it was time to fight. This was a BIG THING. Israel was about to drive out the enemy and secure their land, again, with signs, wonders and miracles!

After 400 years of silence, with no word from the Lord to the prophets, God sent the man, John the Baptist, to herald the news of the coming Messiah – the One who would become God’s gift of salvation to mankind. This was a MONUMENTAL THING! Jesus walked into the temple, picked up the scroll of Isaiah and read:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on Me, because He has anointed Me to proclaim Good News to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, TO PROCLAIM THE YEAR OF THE LORD’S FAVOR.” (Luke 4:18-19, emphasis mine)

2020: The Year and Decade of the Lord’s Favor!

Jesus came, moving in great supernatural signs and wonders, and with His death on a Cross changed world history – a VERY BIG THING!

God has heard the cries and the groanings of His people, as well as the travail of the earth for the appearance of the sons of God. He is coming down to release liberty to the prisoners and freedom to the captives. He’s coming to give them beauty for ashes and to proclaim 2020 as the year and the decade of the Lord’s favor!

God is now set to come down upon an army of men and women called out as deliverers – just like the judge Deborah. Their job description is Isaiah 61, to deliver the people and the land from the bondage of oppression. This army will march forth with the Word of God in their mouths, anointed with the Spirit of the Lord upon them.

God is set and ready to move. I believe there will be thunderings, noises and lightnings in the nations and in every sphere and arena. We will see this happen in demonic systems, governments and social constructs. Demonic structures are primed for a great fall. God’s light will begin to shine on the darkness and sin. Evil will be exposed as demonic, spiritual walls of protection crumble around people who have plotted the demise of nations and of our children.

For Those Who Have Ears to Hear

For those who have ears to hear, directions will fall from Heaven. Strategies will come and instructions will be given just as they were given to Moses, Deborah, Gideon and John the Baptist. They are God’s unusual and peculiar methods, brought forth to set the captives free and bring hope to the despairing.

The favor of the Lord will rest heavily upon His people. It’s a favor that draws and attracts everything needed and required to get the job done. This favor includes resources, finances, gifts, anointings, supernatural miracles, signs and wonders. Jesus is ready to ride with His apostolic/prophetic servants into the harvest fields of the nations. The King is ready to go into His fields! Jesus is Lord of the harvest and is ready to meet with His people in the harvest fields.

I hear God saying to His people, “Do not look to what man is doing. Do not look to what the enemy camp is up to in their desperation, as their time is short! Look up to Heaven. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Set your face like flint on the champion King who rejoices to run His course. The Desire of all Nations is coming to save; that is what He does best. He is the Savior King, MIGHTY TO SAVE!”

I heard the Lord say that: “THE TIDE IS TURNING!” I have heard this said many times before, but for many days this phrase kept ringing in my spirit. So I dug further into an understanding of it as I felt God was making a point and putting His exclamation on it. When the tide turns, THINGS CHANGE – usually dramatically, and for the better. The course of bad situations change – there comes a complete reversal of the circumstances!

When God says to go, step out of your boat. Keep your eyes on Him in absolute faith, for your time has arrived and the tide is turning. Your destiny advances purposefully towards you! It’s time to sing a new song, to shout to the Lord your high praises. Sing praises of His goodness and praises of His majesty that rules the heavens. Shout praises for His love that endures forever! Praise the Lord! Praise the King! Tremble, O Earth, at the presence of the Lord, for He is coming down to save!

My 2020 Decree Over You

As we have entered the new year, I would like to decree this over you for 2020:

You will stand securely under showers of unprecedented blessings. In this year of favor, you will have the extraordinary favor of the Lord that draws and attracts all His goodness to you. I decree that you will abide under the exceptional providence and protection that being a child of God affords. No weapon formed against you will or can prosper as you dwell under the shelter of His love.

You will have joy, peace, courage and boldness. You will find these virtues rising up in you without effort as you praise Him daily for His goodness and power towards you. You will stand with conviction and without fear, clothed in power – in garments of righteousness – against the schemes of the enemy, proclaiming, “This is the year of the favor of the Lord!”

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