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Three Critical 2020 Prophecies for Europe

National Prophecy

Three Critical 2020 Prophecies for Europe

The Lord is going to deal with the Pharaoh spirit and abortion. I heard the Lord say, “I will once more judge the spirit of Pharaoh and Herod. Where Christian’s have shied away from speaking about abortion because of the intimidation of the spirit of Pharaoh I am emboldening a generation to rise up and call this genocide what it is. Where language has been used to cow and manipulate and brow-beat the church into submission, She will once more rise up to be a defender of the defenceless.”

A Notre Dame Moment in the UK

I heard the Lord sayd, “Rain of refreshing and cleansing is coming. Does lightning strike twice? Just as wind precedes the storm and rain follows the lightening and thundering, so too shall the rain of My Presence follow the storm. Lightening will strike once more where it did. In the seat of power will come a fire. It will be your Notre Dame. There will be much thundering and bluster of men. But they do not speak for Me. They speak out of the pride of their own hearts. Their motives and associations will be exposed, even the secret convocations. 

“But do not be dismayed for in the parishes and plains the rain of My Presence will fall and refresh my people: those who have remained faithful and cried out for Me will be satisfied. It will again fall inside but now also outside the city walls. The ancient stones will resound with praise even as structures burn. They fixed the ‘roof’ for their own glory. But I was not in it. Not even their safety measures will protect their ‘folly’. But those who seek my glory shall be clothed in it. They shall redeem the covenant and see many run home to the Father.”

God is Blessing Unity in Europe

There has been a greying-out of identities across Europe, an attempted homogenisation of nations and people groups. The word “Europe” has become a means to dehumanise and blur out/grey-out the uniqueness and beauty of individual people groups.

God is blessing unity but not political union that results in the eradication of the technicolour of His intended design.  In 2020 God is going to move in unique and special ways, speaking in the unique heart languages of different nations and people groups to demonstrate His love and to restore their dignity and uniqueness before Him. He doesn’t want them to be known generically anymore.

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