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Prophetic Vision : Sees Carolinas Wrapped in Revival Fire

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Prophetic Vision : Sees Carolinas Wrapped in Revival Fire

As the new year entered and I was in my morning meditation and prayer, I had a vision.

I saw the Carolinas as one location not two states, same as I did back in September 2019. I saw fires of revival breaking out all of the Carolinas. It was no set pattern of those revivals, only that they were consistently burning and perpetually igniting other areas.

Those that were catalyst of the revivals were not the average looking clergy or those that look the church part. These were people that were different, they looked different, they seemed to have come from a different backgrounds, they were new breed of soaking worshipers.

They were HUNGRY and EVANGELISTIC! They were starting fires everywhere they went, in the marketplace, on jobs, in their homes and in their ministry settings. They were teaching and expounding on the word, revelation that had never been heard before. They were breaking the barriers of RELIGION and setting at course APOSTOLIC GOVERNMENT in their cities. They were influential in politics and local government. They were forces in their communities.

I saw these groups collectively coming together to set a fire of ignition to other areas and to carry the gospel to other regions. They moved as ONE ASSEMBLY with one GOAL, even though they had come from different areas! There was unity and oneness unlike had ever been seen in the body.

For all that the Holy Spirit released to me during my time of meditation and communion, I am grateful. I am excited not only to hear of the happenings but to be apart of the REVIVAL FIRE IN THE CAROLINAS! 

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