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Prophetic Vision: Rise of the Hidden Tribe

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Prophetic Vision: Rise of the Hidden Tribe

In a recent vision I was taken into the heavenly realms and the Father allowed me to see the heavenly hosts. I could see them unrolling scrolls and reading them over the nations!

Then they began to blow trumpets and shout over the entire Earth. They started one by one calling sons and daughters into destiny.

They proclaimed, “Come out from hiding, it’s your set time of promise. Sons and daughters, children of the Most High God. Rise up! Rise up! Rise up! Release your sound and let your voices be heard. Come out from your hiding place. Rise up from the pit and take your rightful places. it’s time to let your voices be heard. Children of the Most High and Holy God, it is your Time! Open your mouth and agree with heaven.”

I believe we are entering a time like never seen before or even imagined. God is raising up a hidden tribe of people who have been hidden, overlooked, misunderstood and forgotten .

You may have felt the pains of rejection all of your life. But Gods word to you for this upcoming year is – It is your time Jospeh, to come up out of the pit. It is your time to be seen heard and known for your true heart. It is a time for you to tell your testimony! It is a time for mouths that have been silenced to be heard.

The Lord says, “The outpouring of my glory will rest upon these ones who have not always been understood, liked or rejected. All these years that people could not understand you, will turn into the years of you being a mouth piece for me. You were never alone but I have been with you all along. Now you will be a vessel for my glory ! They will finally understand why I made you the way I did. I save the best for the last. And those who have been last will be first. All you need to do is be still and know that I am God!

I declare and decree to you that in this season. You will see mountains shake and tremble. You will see dreams and visions come to pass and you will outsmart and outlive the enemy that tried to overtake you.

The tables have turned and we are getting ready to see the greatest miracles take place. The finality of Gods word will be put on display for all the world to see.

I prophesy to you that you will begin to see the greater glory manifested in your life and that you will rise from the pit and that God will give you all the desires of your heart and that you will pursue, overtake and you will come out stronger than ever before. I prophesy, health, a new day and I declare the pit that you have been in will become a platform for Gods glory.

I prophesy the hidden ones will come out for all the world to see and the mouths of these ones will be used to usher in the greatest outpouring of Gods Spirit that we have ever seen.

I declare these mouths will be used for truth and that they will respond to the call!

It is your time Hidden ones – Arise!

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