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Prophetic Insight: Amid Fires, Seeds of Awakening Will Sprout in Australia

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Prophetic Insight: Amid Fires, Seeds of Awakening Will Sprout in Australia

As we are going about the mission the Lord has set out for us to do in Australia, as a company of prophets, the fires and Australia’s history of violence, has me going deep into the heart of the Father, searching for  prophetic wisdom and understanding.

It is clear to us that there are demonic entry points into this nation, that have been opened from past bloodshed in the establishment of this nation.

Whilst God has a remnant team at work closing these entries and opening Gods doors into this nation, there are many of which that are still to be addressed. Regardless of the state of these places, the demonic seed through violence has been sown into the land.

As we step into 2020 and beyond, the move towards great harvest is becoming undeniably evident. I am convinced the seed of this great awakening has been sown in this nation.

Surely these seeds sown, will be reaped, God cannot be mocked (see Galatians 6.)

Scripture also outlines the wheat and tears growing together in Mathew 13 and unless great discernment is applied, you could not tell the difference until harvest time. And even so, it is Gods’ plan to allow the wheat and tears to grow together. So His seed may grow and remain unharmed in this nation.

Now that harvest time is upon us God is revealing the fruit and it will be tested through the furnace by fire.

All the violence sown is being exhausted.
And the wheat is also emerging pure in the same season.

Just as where great darkness comes, His Light increases. Where sin abounds greater grace also abounds.

Two kingdoms are clashing. Darkness is doing all it can to devour. But the Lord’s hand is on the gate, penning the goats and sheep in their pens in a season of purification.

We are reaping violence in some areas that we need to see repentance follow through in this nation. 1 Corinthians 3 outlines much of this but I want to highlight verse 13: “But on the judgment day, fire will reveal what kind of work each builder has done. The fire will show if a person’s work has any value.”

The Lord is at work and even in His judging, great mercy and love is revealed. Is Australia under the Lords judgement? Yes, I believe so. But without this ruling, the Blood of the Lamb cannot be applied.  We are guilty of bloodshed and violence as a nation. But in Gods mercy, He wishes to apply the shed blood of Christ and have reconciliation flow like living water through the land.

We can be caught up in the fires. But rather we must be caught up with the King.

Is our work one of man? Or is it built on the foundation of Jesus. Only when it’s built on Jesus can it survive though the fire. Embrace the furnace.

Benjamin Sleep
Awakening House of Prayer, Perth.

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