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2020: A Year of Seeing, Singing and Saying

Daily Prophecy

2020: A Year of Seeing, Singing and Saying

Many have prophesied about 5780, the year of the mouth, and many will prophesy about 2020 being the year of perfect vision. I do not wish to reiterate what others have said. Therefore, all of that is assumed to be the wider backdrop and context for this word.

This is not just a new era for seeing and saying, but also for singing and savouring. I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! (Psalm 27:13)


God is releasing a grace to enter into the place of seeing His goodness – seeing His glory – in ways many have not experienced. This will both be in the secret place and also in day to day life as miracles become a new normal and angelic visitations become frequent. God is about to demonstrate His glory in our lives and through us to the world.

 God is leading us to the place of not only seeing but also savouring Him – lingering, waiting, resting, enjoying Him as never before. This becomes the basis for inviting people into relationship with Jesus.

Singing and Saying

Seeing will lead to new prophetic utterances both in singing and saying. In Revelation 5:9 we read “They [the four living creatures and twenty four elders] sang a new song saying…” This is a time where saying will lead to singing, and singing to saying.

The lines between sung worship and the spoken word will be blurred and broken down. New creative expressions will emerge from the church and trend in the mainstream charts that combine spoken word and singing including declarations of the Gospel and direct scriptural quotations. These creative expressions will have a capacity to reach those who have yet to hear about Jesus.

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