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Pivotal 2020 Prophecy Over Economy, Nations and Governments

National Prophecy

Pivotal 2020 Prophecy Over Economy, Nations and Governments

The keyword that I keep getting over and over again for 2020 is “pivotal.”

The next 12 months will be absolutely pivotal and I believe this will be the most significant year of the last 50 years.

It is a “tipping point” year, a year when everything that has been happening since the year 2000 culminates and climaxes.

The next 12 months will also shape the next decade.

The last 5-10 years have seen the most significant polarization and division in nations and between nations that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

The pressure has been building and this year it is going to be released.

I saw what looked like huge tectonic plates underneath the earth’s surface. They have been pushing together forming pressure and friction. This is going to build up to such an extent that it will be like an earthquake or eruption in 2020.

In fact, don’t be surprised if the Lord affirms this in the natural. What happens physically often mirrors and even precedes what is happening in the spiritual realm.

In the early months of 2020 you could see a very significant earthquake or volcanic eruption. The father is showing us prophetically what lies ahead in the rest of the year.

Nationally, leaders will be at a loss as to how to bring peace and stability in their societies. There will be desperate measures such as curfews and bans, but they will be ineffective and counterproductive.

There will be many significant uprisings against regimes and governments, as well as the overthrow of those who have been using power in illegitimate and ungodly ways to control and manipulate the masses. They will try to maintain power by brute force but their days are numbered. This includes Russia, Hong Kong and even possibly Iran and mainland China.

The United States will find itself on the brink of civil conflict as the push to remove President Trump becomes more and more desperate. Extremism, on the right and left, will be at a level never witnessed before in the nation.

In many cities the hostility on both sides will boil over and you will see running battles in the streets. The National Guard will be deployed to restore law and order, and it will come, but sadly only after the spilling of innocent blood.

There will be a constitutional crisis in late summer as the election draws closer. While in the natural I believe President Trump will be re-elected, in my spirit I strongly sense that there will be a concerted attempt by the enemy to remove him illegitimately, even as the current impeachment process fails.

There will be a major sifting within the church. The Lord is purifying his Bride as His return draws more imminent.

Immature, immoral, heretical and ungodly leadership will be removed.

The Lord no longer will tolerate a “show“ in His name.

Only those who are pursuing His presence from a place of purity, reverence and true worship will flourish and stand. The others will be swept away in the cultural tide of conformity.

The economy worldwide will take a major sudden dip. But it will not fall into recession like in 2008. It will quickly rally and recover.

A significant shift will happen in the tech industry after the uncovering of a huge data scandal among some of the largest companies. The government will step in to regulate and control some major corporations that at the moment are essentially coordinating a spying operation on the general population through illegal recording.

The U.K.’s exit from the EU will lead to a significant unsettling among other countries in the union. It is the beginning of a complete dissolution. Germany and France especially will fight hard to hold it together. But it is finished.

The radical left, LGBTQ and trans agenda will become more forceful and even violent, to the point where it will backfire they will eventually harm their own cause. Eyes will be opened as people start too long for freedom of speech and thought.

There will be the greatest separation of believers in the last 200 years between those who appease and surrender to the secular culture and those who stand for righteousness, holiness and the Word of the Lord. The pressure to conform and be liked by the world will be so intense. Stand firm in truth and grace.

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His Word.

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