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2020 Prophecy: Signs & Wonders Revival Will Breakout in Southeast

National Prophecy

2020 Prophecy: Signs & Wonders Revival Will Breakout in Southeast

The candle has not been as bright in the church on the east coast of the United States over these past three years because God has exposed some counterfeits in His body. There has been a disturbance, a shaking, a trembling that the Lord has sent to emerge true and pure apostles and prophets. The fire has been smoldering over these past three years but God is blowing in 2020 a fire that will never again turn to embers. 

Prophets will arise nationally from Alabama, West Virginia, Georgia and Florida that will have instantaneous signs and wonders performed by God. This fire will cause a revival to stem out of Atlanta and sweep into South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida. Prophets will attend the revival in Atlanta and will return to their home state with pure fire revival. God is bringing back the spirit and anointing for thousands of healings to take place at one time in Atlanta. God has made Atlanta the 2020 hub for the major miraculous miracles. 

When you see the sign of natural wildfires burning around Atlanta in the latter winter into spring 2020, this will be the sign of God’s outpouring. This candle will be brighter than before. My apostles need to gather in 2020 in Florida for a three day conference called Awakening the Apostles. He is calling 500 apostles to gather. 

“A fire will spread through my apostles, says the Lord, that will cause crime to diminish in the city of the gathering. This city will be in Southern Florida. Call for this apostolic conference quickly. Apostles only. Call for the apostles.”

Atlanta and Miami are the cities God is going to use in 2020 to bring this fire. Prophets in Atlanta and Apostles in Miami. 

“In 2021, I will bring my apostles and prophets together from the outpouring of Atlanta and Miami of 2020 to Jacksonville. This will bring world attention that will cause global revivals simultaneously,” says the Lord. “Revival hubs will be coordinated and broadcasted worldwide so every country that wants this outpouring will be done at the same time through media. A one world revival.”

Mayors and governors from these cities will be saved and set ablaze in the spirit. Even poverty in these three cities will be in a great decline in 2020 and 2021. An atheist leader in one of the three cities will publicly and nationally proclaim Christ. A major male civil rights leader will proclaim Christ publicly. In 2020 and 2021 will be the years of major support for the body of Christ. 

I see another major civil rights leader passing away in 2020 but it will bring more unity in the United States over a three-day period. A rock star will give his life to Christ on stage during his performance. All of this will be the fruit of what God will do in Atlanta in 2020. Gods candle will never diminish again in His body of believers.

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