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Prophetic Insight: What the Venice Flooding Means for the Church

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Prophetic Insight: What the Venice Flooding Means for the Church

This morning I was considering the flood that is it taking place in Venice. I decided to do a search to see if there were any prophecies regarding Venice and flooding.

Well I was surprised to learn that between the years 1500 to 1510 there were many prophecies of flooding that was going to take place by astrologers and the political order of the time. Great fear arose at the prospect that the entire world would flood and it was something that everyone in the political class reinforced and believed in.

The interesting thing is this was during the time OF the Meddici papacies (1513 to 1605) when apparently astrology was a major force in decision making and sin was rampant in the papacy.

Many prophetic voices arose during this time and began to declare a brand new day. Men and women arose in the voice of the Lord and began to come against the power of sin over the people and they began to challenge the political order regarding its corruption.

Interesting to me is that Martin Luther began the reform of the church during the same time. He was ordained as a minister in the year 1510. When all these people were prophesying than a natural flood would come into the earth Luther stood up in the face of the corruption and began to declare a new day of faith. A different kind of flood had come. A flood that would wipe out the corruption of the political order in the church.

The astrologers and false prophets were seeing something coming and declaring the destruction of the earth by water but what they were seeing was in the spirit. The wave they were seeing was not natural as they supposed but it was the wave of the Holy Spirit that was coming to wipe out the world of sin and corruption. They were seeing what was going to take place in the spirit and the flooding was the word of God touching the hearts of the people who were being saved and brought back to God. They did not have eyes to see that what they were declaring as a worldwide flood was the reformation of the church.

This is what is occurring in our time. The ideas that are being proclaimed by the global warming establishment are nothing but a prophecy of reformation. They are telling us that the world is going to flood and that we need to prepare ourselves because the great destruction is coming.. Politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are nothing but false prophets who have no understanding of what they are seeing. She is even declaring that Miami will be underwater. She is like the false astrologers of the old Political order who declared that Rome and Venice would be underwater.

She is trying to tell us that Miami will be destroyed in the next ten years. It is nothing but a misunderstood interpretation of what is really happening. Over the next ten years we will see the greatest reformation of souls in 500 years.

Like never before witchcraft has taken over the political establishment of our time and these people are trying to rule and stay in power by seducing us to fear their hollow words. But there is a new breed rising at the grassroots. Common people who are not afraid are arising. They are proclaiming the truth and speaking to the powers that be that their time is over and that great change is about to come.

These global warming people are actually prophesying the coming of a great shift and the destruction of the old world order. The flood that is coming is not in the natural but in the spiritual. The ideas of these people – their castles of sin and their lies – will be wiped out and the fear that they have ruled with will be dismantled as they lose their power to the living God. What you’re seeing now with the attacks that are taking place in the political realm and in the media is nothing but a last ditch effort to remain in power but their hour is over and their lies will be exposed.

Jesus is coming back on the scene and there’s a great reformation that is beginning in this moment. He is coming like a mighty flood. His voice will sound like the rushing waters. The lion of Judah is roaring in the face of destruction and it shall cease. These false prophets cannot see clearly and the true prophets of Christ are correct in declaring that this is the beginning of a great harvest of souls.

During the 1500s the people thought that the world was coming to an end. Many preachers preached to the people that they were in the last days and that a destruction was coming that would wipe out society as they knew it. The truth is we see in part. We do not always know the things that we see. Our dreams are in the spirit and sometimes we do not understand the things we are seeing but mark my words the end has come but not in the way that people may think.

There is a new reformation that is taking place. With the roar of the lion Jesus is returning to wrestle back power from the corrupt and this generation is about to experience the liberty of God. Jesus is reintroducing himself like he did in the synagogue a long time ago. This is an Isaiah 61 hour.

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