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America: Humpty Trumpty Sat on a Wall!

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America: Humpty Trumpty Sat on a Wall!

I shared this Word a few days ago on November 28, 2019, where I heard the sound of elephants trumpeting; ‘a sound of distinction’ will be heard: “America: God will Break the Backs of the Donkeys and the Stiff-necked.”

This morning I woke to this crazy riddle or rhyme about Humpty Trumpty sitting on a wall, watching as many would fall, and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not raise them up again..!

I believe there is an interesting link between these two words.

“America: God will Break the Backs of the Donkeys and the Stiff-necked.”

“America; I heard The Spirit of God say this morning, “Listen!  For the sound of many trumpets will be heard across this land.  Yes!

Watch!  As the elephants stampede and the donkeys scatter, and some will say, the elephants have sounded the sound of distinction, for the sound of many trumpets will herald a great victory for a nation that has come under demonic siege!”“

Ha America!  You all going to think I’m crazy but I heard this early hours of the morning:

“Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall. 

Humpty Trumpty watched them all fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,

Could not help them back up again.”


While in prayer yesterday I heard The Spirit say something and while it doesn’t make sense to me, I trust it will make sense to some of you.

I heard The Spirit Say, “I gave them a house, so that many could watch it fall.”

Any thoughts… please share…!

Post Script:

I received this interesting comment from a Facebook follower Abel Praise who lives in Nigeria.

“Trump and Tea”

Warm Greetings Ma,

I write as a minister from Nigeria.  I so appreciate your obedience in putting out The Prophetic Words, they have been extremely significant in the prayer leads I have had to follow.

Also, I feel to share a significant understanding I have been granted concerning the significant prophetic language used in your dreams.

* The Tea, certainly speaks of The USA.

In many experiences and in following the prayer leads from THE LORD; I was shown the map of USA as being shaped as a Tea Jug that prophetically speaks of the economic calling of The USA as an Economic Nation to the world. 

* The First Tea Dream also showed Donald Trump as a Tea Bag [American Prince] set into the American Nation.

The prophetic word saying; “The table has been set, the tea has been brewed, now for a Tea Party to shift the MOED!”

[Tables are Governmental Mountains, Tea being America, The Tea Party being The American Prince].

* The Second Tea Dream shows; The Tea Tea Tea, [America], Tea Party [American Prince: Parties, Hall, Assemblies points to Princes that rule with sceptres over assemblies and points to trump as one given the office of An American Prince]

*  There is quite a lot of learning going on by The HOLY SPIRIT about The Prophetic Language of Thrones in The Kingdom as intercessors war in the spirit, and this has been significant and I felt to share this.

I really appreciate reading the prophetic words you share and have been significant in following prayer leads.

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