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This Shocking Prophetic Practice Needs to Stop Right Now

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This Shocking Prophetic Practice Needs to Stop Right Now

I’ve seen people charge for prophetic words many, many times. This spirit of Baal-inspired practice always grieves me but the latest campaign made my jaw drop the floor. I left it there to write this article.

I received an e-mail promising me a personal prophetic word every month for just $40 a month. Wow, that’s not even the price of a cup of coffee a day! (Seriously, though, imagine how many children we could feed in a Third World country for that investment.)

I was assured receiving a prophetic word from God would help me from making so many mistakes and creating setbacks. (I wasn’t aware I was making that many mistakes or that I couldn’t hear from God myself.) See, this is a fear tactic and one of the four pillars of modern-day secular advertising. (The other are guilt, greed and exclusivity.)

This prophetic merchandiser felt led to send out this email so people who aren’t already paying him $40 a month will understand why they should. He highly recommended this subscription so I could hear what the Lord is saying—and even received an endorsement of another well-known prophetic minister, which may have been taken out of context.

By the way, I see no offer of a money-back guarantee if the word was rotten.

I wrote an article in 2013 called, “Why I Don’t Sell Personal Prophecy and Dream Interpretations.”  In the article, I asserted:

“The prophetic ministry doesn’t operate like a gumball machine. You can’t put in a quarter—or send an e-mail or Facebook message—and out comes a prophetic word. It just doesn’t work that way. Part of this misunderstanding is rooted in the proliferation of what I call the “Internet prophets.” Some actually take out Google Ads promoting how you can get a personal prophecy (even every day). Others promise a prophetic word delivered to your e-mail inbox for about the price of a tank of gas.”

In 2015, I wrote an article called, “A Prophetic Word for Jezebel’s False Prophets.” In the article, I called out how some are toting around credit card machines at the altar so they can swipe your card before they will prophesy over you.

Just recently, a young man who is branding himself as a prophet shared with me how he had prophesied over a number of people about starting a business and they were wildly successful. That should have been reward enough, but the young man was complaining that none of them returned with an offering in hand for his ministry. He told me he felt led to start a consulting business to prophesy into people’s businesses for a price.

We’ve come so far in the prophetic ministry. It’s scandalous that these practices continue. There will be showdown at Mt. Carmel as I prophesied in 2004. It’s edging closer every day.

Which side will you be on?

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