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Prophetic Vision Reveals Angels With Breakthrough Scrolls

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Prophetic Vision Reveals Angels With Breakthrough Scrolls

God showed me a prophetic vision, while I was in prayer, of angels with scrolls in their hands responding to the prayers and prophetic decrees released by Believers. The unusual thing about this vision was that angels were summoned only when God’s people would ascend to the courts of Heaven in prayer, petitioning the Lord for a righteous verdict and judgments on their behalf.

As the people of God would pray, fast and wait on God’s answer in worship, angels would appear suddenly with scrolls that looked to me like a subpoena or a court order. On the scrolls, I saw the words “breakthrough decrees.”

“You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways.” (Job 22:28, NASB)

We can see from several passages of Scripture the power of our decree. The people of God will receive their breakthrough by what they decree, decide on a matter and declare prophetically for breakthrough in the area of their need. A decree is based on our decisions. In addition, angels only respond to God’s Word and are sent to carry out His will in our lives.

“Bless the Lord, you His angels, who are mighty, and do His commands, and obey the voice of His word. Bless the Lord, all you His hosts; you servants who do His pleasure.” (Psalm 103:20-21, MEV)

When we return the Lord’s Word to Him, angels are supernaturally dispatched to carry out the fulfillment of the Scripture and Word of God. Other translations of this Scripture declare that angels both listen for His Word and are responsible for executing Scripture according to the way He intends the Word to be fulfilled. If we want our prayers and declarations to be successful, it is vitally important to utilize the Word of God. (Photo via Unsplash)

What Is the Power of Decree?

What is the power of the decree? It becomes sound waves that are sent out like a ripple effect or sound waves into the atmosphere in the realm of the spirit. Those sound waves do not diminish, but stay in the environment where the decrees are sent out. The power of our words will create divine boundaries and barricades against enemy interference or activities. That is why a Believer should not stop praying and speaking the Word of God by the Holy Spirit.

The Bible also says in Proverbs 18:21 (NLT), “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” Interestingly enough, Matthew 12:37 (MEV) emphatically declares this about our words: “For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” We can see the power of our words, they have the power to condemn us or acquit us.

The definition of “acquittal” or “to acquit” is “to relieve from a charge of fault or crime, declare not guilty, to release or discharge (a person) from an obligation, to settle or satisfy (a debt, obligation, claim), to bear or conduct (oneself); behave and to free or clear oneself.” The enemy doesn’t want you to speak the Word and will of God over your life.

In the English language, the word “decree” implies not only that a judgment has been implemented, but also that it is implemented with the degree of impact, or the level of authority, of an order being issued by a court. The breakthrough is decreed and final when we release it out of our mouths.

Angels will come to war over and fight for us on our behalf to deliver the breakthrough we prayed, decreed, prophesied and fasted for. Get ready for your breakthrough decrees to become established in your life today.

What does the power of a decree look like legally? For example, if a defendant is found guilty of a criminal act and the judge orders them to serve a prison sentence, that defendant cannot refuse prison time. In fact, that defendant no longer has a say in regard to the order. Why? Because of the power of a court order that now overrides the will, choice or decision of the defendant. If that defendant is sentenced to jail, he or she must, and definitely will, serve the mandatory time in jail that they were served by the court order.

For example, when we decree breakthrough (for healing and financial liberation to happen in our lives) in the spiritual realm, things will begin to accommodate those words we speak. This is not naming it and claiming it. It should be decreeing and declaring it by God’s Word.

In addition, if there is sickness or disease in your body, by the power of your decree, sickness has to obey and exit your body in Jesus’ name because of a divine court order of Heaven. Sickness and disease have no further say in the matter to remain in your body as a legal host.

Why? It is the power of our decree, which is prophetically claiming healing breakthrough by the power of Jesus’ Blood and the finished work of the Cross. The power of our decree that “by Jesus Christ’s stripes we are totally healed” is such that sickness must leave.

While we may not see sickness leave with our natural eyes, we need to understand that by the absolute definition of the word “decree,” sickness now has no further say; it cannot refuse to leave. It must go. Stand in that authority.

Did you know that kings rule by their decree or edict? An edict is a proclamation having the force of law. What they decree becomes law, constitutional and legal—and it cannot be revoked, reversed or changed. In addition, when a king speaks words by a decree out of their mouth or it is written in the form of a decree (and then proclaimed to others), the words of the royal ruler are received as law.

We can see Jesus understood His authority and power when we look at the story of Him in the wilderness with satan, who was temping Him. Jesus always responded with, “It is written…” and would then quote the Word of God correctly. Satan had no choice but to do what Jesus ordered by the power of the decree of Scripture.

Stealth Aircraft

The military uses stealth-type aircraft that are specifically created to perform certain tough tasks in secrecy and have the capability to break through impenetrable enemy defenses. These specialized military aircraft are designed to travel extremely fast in order to be able to intercept the enemy with an unexpected sneak attack of surprise.

Furthermore, these stealth bombers have unique technology and a powerful ability to carry out long-range strikes while at the same time remaining virtually undetectable by radars. Breakthrough decrees can function in the same way and create breakthrough in both the spiritual and natural realms for you.

Satan has no ability to anticipate the decrees that will be spoken, prayed or prophesied and thus has no capacity to formulate a counterattack plan. He doesn’t know what will be spoken or where they are going to hit. Breakthrough is in your mouth! Get ready to receive angelic help to bring you your breakthrough! 

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