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Prayer Alert for the Nations: The Great Divide, Hate Speech and Violence

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Prayer Alert for the Nations: The Great Divide, Hate Speech and Violence

Below are recent revelations I received for the US, Persia/Iran, Peru and Venezuela. Please read through and let’s pray through these to thwart what the enemy wants to do to bring division in the nations.

Hate Speech Spreading to Violence

At the first of the year, part of my word was about a period of time called “The Great Divide.” It deals with extreme polarization and hate speech spreading to violence. The remedy was a “Culture of Honor” (see Romans 12 and verse 10). Honor would be the only thing that could heal the escalating spread of hate and violence.

I saw this in Washington DC as well, and I saw this in “Persia” – an escalation of HATE SPEECH spreading to VIOLENCE. I have seen some act of EXTREMISM that could paralyze the capital and the government, and disrupt the election process. (Note: prophetic revelation like this can be stopped or lessened by repentance and a cry for mercy. See Amos 7.)

Church Movement in Iran

But on the positive, I have had dreams about a Great House Church Movement spreading rapidly in Iran. It would spread so fast that it would become a real threat to the extremists government. If blood shed erupts due to the potential SHIFT in Iran, a massacre of eye for eye could explode. I also saw that the archangel Michael will step in.

Prayer Movement in Peru Influencing Venezuela

Recently I also saw a prayer army arising out of Peru. The prayer in Peru would start to shift the atmosphere over Venezuela. I saw in a dream that a People’s Revolution could emerge in Venezuela then and oust the present regime.

Four Prayer Points:

1. Pray for Peru that prayer would erupt.
2. Pray that authority be given to “change the spiritual atmosphere” as nations unite in prayer over Venezuela.
3. Pray for a People’s Revolution to take place.
4. Pray that the vacuum would be filled quickly, or VIOLENCE could fill the void.

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