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I Saw a Catalytic Move of the Holy Spirit


I Saw a Catalytic Move of the Holy Spirit

(By Lana Vawser) As I sat with the Lord today in worship, just loving Him, He began to speak to me. “There is a great shaking that is beginning and going to increase across the United States of America but in the shaking My people are not to fear or despise the shaking for it is birthing a great divine placing. I am bringing a great rearrangement, I am bringing a divine uprooting to make room for the new. This shaking will require a greater level of trust in Me, for My Spirit will move in ways that many don’t understand. I will move and shake things that will seem completely unexpected and out of left field, but this shaking is happening to MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW. To MAKE ROOM for the greatest move of My Spirit through the body of Christ in the United States and into the nation.

I am separating the wheat from the chaff and I am bringing purity into My Church in the United States of America. I am weaving deeper levels of unity amongst My people that the aroma of love, My love may spread all across the nation.”

Instantly I am taken up above the United States in a vision and I can see it like I am looking at a map. I am watching as the hand of the Lord begins to move in certain places, and a divine shaking was taking place, to make room for the new divine placing. As the shaking is happening, I see many of God’s people all across the United States of America and they are nestled into His heart.

They are living in the place of deep intimacy with Him and seeing His heart, knowing what He is saying and they are embracing the shaking in their own lives and in the nation, because they know WHO He is, that He is GOOD and a God that works for good, and is not bringing harm, but making room for something SO good and new. As they are embracing the shaking and giving Him their YES even when they may not understand what’s going on, I see in the shaking a HUGE extension of tent pegs. An incredible extension of tent pegs was happening in the lives of God’s people confirming to them again that this shaking was not to bring harm, but to bring extension and increase.

“Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.” (Isaiah 54:2)

As this divine shaking was happening across the nation, and the deeper divine weaving of unity was taking place in the birthing and awakening of love, the aroma of the love of Christ is getting stronger and stronger because HIS PEOPLE are ARISING. I could see the people of God rising up across the USA and the aroma building and increasing and I watched as it began to spread through the nation, this radical, honoring, celebrating, beautiful, “lay down your life” type of love, Christ’s love manifesting in exponential ways through His people. I then heard the words “IT IS TIME FOR THE DIVINE LOVE TURNAROUND.”

“For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing, 16 to one a fragrance from death to death, to the other a fragrance from life to life” (2 Corinthians 2:15-16).

I watched and saw a CATALYTIC move of His Spirit that was about to take place through this awakening to His love and love of one another and it was locking in on a demonic spirit that had assailed the body of Christ for so long.

I then see the prayer bowls in heaven that have been filled. Where many of the body of Christ have prayed and prayed and prayed for these two particular demonic spirits to be removed from the body of Christ and the nation, these bowls began to slowly tip. The time has arrived where the Lord is really going to begin dealing with these spirits affecting the body of Christ and then once that happens it will be dealt with in the nation.

I saw His eyes of love and they were zooming in on these two spirits. The political spirit and the religious spirit. Where there has been intense hatred, offence, and venom released between brother and sister in the body of Christ, the Lord was going after these. The Lord was wanting to bring a move of cleansing, purity and refining to the body of Christ where these two spirits have taken ground. Where many of God’s people have been influenced by these demonic spirits, there is going to begin to be a breakthrough that will be seen, a taking of ground against these “giants”.

“These giants are going to begin to get shaky at the knees, because of many of My people who have faithfully LIVED ON THEIR KNEES to see these spirits shifted, broken and cast out. This shaking and monumental move of the fire of My love, the baptism of fire, it is going to begin to release the first fruits of breakthrough in these areas.”

I am then taken back to the vision of the shaking that is happening in the body of Christ and releasing a new divine placing. While I am watching, I am still surrounded by the sense of the Lord zeroing in on the political and religious spirit and I then heard Him speak again.

“This shaking that will take place in the body of Christ, that will release new levels of placement, will see many become offended by where I place certain ones, or the favour I release, or the rearranging that takes place. The way I am about to move is going to offend the mind to reveal the heart for many, but WHY? Because I want to encounter My people. I am revealing hearts in the most loving way because I want to HEAL hearts. I want to SET MY PEOPLE FREE!!!!!! Where many will be offended by this divine placing, I am actually revealing what is in their hearts, so they will come to Me, and they will be positioned for the greatest encounters of My love like they have never experienced before. Where there has been such oppression, or such bondage of the religious or political spirit, I am going to BREAKTHROUGH with MY LOVE!!!! This tidal wave of My love is going to be so supernatural and filled with My power, many who have picked up stones and cast them at their brothers and sisters in Christ, will be so touched by My Spirit, that there will be radical transformation and healing in the encounters, that they will rise up with significant impartations of My love and authority to bring freedom and healing and partner with Me in “binding up” the divisions and disunity. I have surprise Pioneers that I am going to begin raising up in this season to make room for the new.

Don’t forget I am the God who used a donkey! Some of the ways I move and who I use will be very unexpected and it will require trusting My heart and My ways, but in this placing the DISPLAY of My POWER and PRESENCE will be like nothing that has ever been seen before. It won’t be a case of the “ability” of My people, it is a case of My people’s “AVAILABILITY” of whatever I want and need to do right now.”

I watched the shaking, I watched the rearranging of placements, I watched the new alignments, I watched offense in some rising and the revealing of hearts, I watched encounters with His love bringing deep healing. I watched as He loved His people together again and even though many in the USA did not understand what He was doing or His placement and the shaking was intense, the GLORY OF GOD and AROMA of Christ being released from the nation of the USA was SO intense, even in the vision, I was squinting because the Glory of God was SO bright.

He spoke again:

“I know what I am doing. I know what I am doing. I am doing what is BEST. Trust Me, I am rearranging to release what is BEST.”

I watched as the White House and government of the USA was shaken up, I watched as mountains of culture in the USA were being shaken, shaken this way and that way, a restructuring and the Lord was moving people in and out, and putting His people in the places that they needed to be in government and the other mountains. Some of these areas were SO dark, but the Lord strategically placed these ones in new areas and the aroma of Christ that was released was SO strong. I saw KEY PEOPLE, LEADERS, people of great influence beginning to “turn their head” as the “smell” of Christ, the “smell of love” that they had never experienced before begin happening that was opening doors labelled “salvation and encounters” within these mountains to see the nation begin to encounter His love and presence like never before.

In this vision, it felt like I was then taken further up into the sky and I could now see the whole world on a map. All the nations. As the people of God were arising in the USA, I saw songs of deliverance arising with the aroma of Christ over His people and being extended into all other nations. People in other nations began to be awakened and “smelling” the aroma of Christ and His love being released from this nation and people began to RUN towards the USA. What the Lord was doing in the USA and the birthing and breaking down of walls and offences was going to see the nation become a nation of impartation to release UNITY, HONOUR and PEACE into the body of Christ in other nations, because of the awakening of love that was happening in that nation.

“I am changing your name United States of America. I am changing your name from DISUNITY, to UNITY AND DESTINY” and that is what you shall release into other nations. “UNITY AND DESTINY”. I am working deep on your heart United States of America. As My people partner with Me and pray, I am doing a DEEP WORK. The DEEPEST work that has yet been seen. I am washing My people in the nation. I am making room for the new. Embrace the shaking, embrace the shaking in your life individually, as a body and as a nation and KNOW that I am working new plans and My heart is to bring you deeper into the place of UNITY AND DESTINY. United States of America, IT IS YOUR TIME!!!!!!! People of God, that means YOU need to take your place. Give me your YES and let Me DO THE REST!!! This is the moment you will REMEMBER FOREVER!!!”

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