Time To Dive Deeper You’re Equipped For This

Dive Deeper!

By Jamila Moody

On August 28, 2017, I received the first of a 3-part prophetic dream sequence that spanned over the course of a month with the final two segments coming on September 23rd. The following word of encouragement comes from dream sequence one:

Search & Rescue

In this segment of the dream, I was helping with a military rescue mission. We were some sort of special task force in search of a stealth plane that had dropped out of the sky suddenly. In fact, it wasn’t the only aircraft to fall out of the sky suddenly, but, this particular stealth aircraft was our sole mission.

I remember being in a hovercraft and we were moving swiftly through the water when we came upon the aircraft nose down in the water. I remember seeing it clearly as we passed over it. To me it appeared to be sticking out of the water but no one saw it so we turned around and went back to the spot where I saw the wings sticking up out of the water and sure enough it was there beneath the surface.

Suddenly I dove in the water, which was odd for me because I don’t care for open water, but we were on a mission for this aircraft and these two pilots that were missing so I dove in. After diving in, I noticed my clothing changed, I was outfitted in full swim gear with a flashlight in my mouth and as I swam deeper towards the aircraft, I immediately encountered sharks. Seeing them sent me into a panic shifting my focus from the mission to the sharks. As I swam to get away from them, I remember searching for how they got to where we were due to it being a closed inlet and too small of a space for them to get in. The dream ended with me seeing myself still under water with that flashlight determined to find those pilots while looking out for sharks.

What Is The Lord Saying?

While there are a number of prophetic nuggets of wisdom and encouragement to be pulled from this dream, the following encouragement was impressed upon my heart to share with you – Time To Dive Deeper: You’re Equipped For This.

While this word is an encouragement for whosoever will receive it, I believe it is an invitation and an admonishment from the FATHER to HIS prophets and intercessors in this hour to dive deeper into unchartered territory, unexplored depths – depths you never fathomed you would dive into based upon fear and uncertainty of your ability to handle the depths you’re being called to due to feelings of fear, inadequacies, and uncertainty. II Timothy 1:7 – For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

In My Hearing

Prophet of Yah! Intercessor of the MOST HIGH – It Is Time! It’s time for you to dive beyond the surface of the place you’ve become comfortable in because there are depths of purpose you’ve yet to explore. There are realms and dimensions of GLORY opening before you and I hear the FATHER saying come. The deep is crying out to you. Deeper intimacy. Deeper purpose. Deeper revelation. Deeper understanding – oh deeper things are beckoning to you to come. The lives of the lost, broken, confused, uncertain – those drowning in the waters of this world depend on your yes to go deeper.

Prophet Arise! Intercessor Arise! Answer the call and go deeper because you are equipped for this. It may seem like your ill-equipped, unprepared and not the right person for the mission but GOD has given you eyes to see what others cannot. HE has equipped you to see what’s beyond the surface and if you trust HIM to launch out into the deep – if you trust HIM to take the plunge you’ll find that you are fully equipped and prepared for the mission.

Luke 5:4 – And when He left off speaking, He said to Simon, put off into the deep and let down your nets for a catch. Launch out for you are the net prophet. You are the net intercessor. Launch out into the deep. Let GOD use you to seek and save the lost. Let HIM use your prayers, your worship, the prophetic wisdom HE’S placed in you to capture the hearts of those that are broken, desperate, despondent and beat down. Let HIM use to restore other prophets and intercessors who have suddenly gone down without warning. Launch out prophet. Launch out intercessor and dive deeper for you shall complete the mission. Launch out and be encouraged because you are equipped for this. The FATHER has already given you everything that pertains unto the mission. Trust HIM and dive deeper.


Jamila Moody is a prophetic voice, psalmist, poet, and Christian author. Jamila is a passionate worshiper. She carries an intense love for the Father and His presence. She resides in Johnson City, TN where she is finishing her doctorate in education.


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